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  1. Vitamin D Mercola March 2011.gif
  2. Vitamin K Mercola March 2011.gif
  3. Excess Calcium Mercola March 2011.gif
  4. Vitamin D is at a Crossroads - poster Feb 2011.pdf
  5. Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy - 2011.png
  6. Profound vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy - Dec 2010.png
  7. Less Vitamin D to cells VDW1586
  8. Increased use of Vitamin D to 2011.png
  9. diabetes-vitamin D- death.png
  10. vitamin D pathways when low - Hollis May 2011.jpg
  11. vitamin D pathways - Hollis May 2011
  12. Vitamin D and pregnancy 2000 and 4000 IU - Hollis May 2011.jpg
  13. Fewer c-section with more 4000 IU vitamin D - Hollis May 2011.jpg
  14. Healthy pregnancy with 4000 IU vitamin D - Hollis May 2011.jpg
  15. vitamin D levels in blood - Grassroots May 2011.jpg
  16. 7X less diabetes for children taking more than 2000 IU - Hypponen May 2011.jpg
  17. C-section vs vitamin D - Grant May 2011.jpg
  18. Urine Calcium is indication of excess vitamin D - Veith May 2011.jpg
  19. Calcium in urine vs vitamin D - Veith May 2011.jpg
  20. Race vs Vitamin D levels in Canadian winter - Veith May 2011.jpg
  21. Constant level of vitamin D in human evolution - Veith 2011.jpg
  22. Pancreatic cancer risk increases only at high latitudes - Vieth May 2011.jpg
  23. U shaped risk curves happen where UV varies a lot - Vieth 2011.jpg
  24. Cancer cells and Calcium - Kallay May 2011.jpg
  25. Cancer cells and vitamin D - Kallay May 2011.jpg
  26. Each 5 increase in BMI decreases vitamin D 5 nmol - Lagunova May 2011.jpg
  27. BMI vs vitamin D in Norway - Lagunova May 2011.jpg
  28. Prostate Cancer U shaped curve - Lappe May 2011.jpg
  29. 20 % of increased cancer risk of BMI due to vitamin D - Lagunova May 2011.jpg
  30. 17 Cancers sensitive to vitamin D - Grant May 2011.jpg
  31. Diabetes increasing CDC
  32. Autism US 2012
  33. Optimal UV - not too little and not too much
  34. Month of Birth vs disease
  35. vitamin D during a year - 2011.PNG
  36. vitamin D
  37. hypertension high if vitamin D low - 2010.png
  38. skin types.jpg different colored hands
  39. Hours using media vs skin color.png
  40. How much vitamin D people take - peaks at 0, 2000, and 10,000 IU
  41. Dose Response Heaney - 2011.png
  42. Air Condition hours of use map.png
  43. Mortality and vitamin D.png
  44. blood pressure- cholesterol - diabetes venn diagram
  45. Obesity 1975 to 2025.png
  46. Obesity WikiPedia.gif
  47. Minutes of sun to get 40 ng of vitamin D
  48. Snowbird RVers get constant amount of UV
  49. Home page Left Aug 11 2011.png
  50. Home page Right Aug 11 2011.png

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