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  1. Is IoM report on vitamin D good science - April 2011.pdf
  2. 1800 to 4000 IU vitamin D to get 30 to-44 ng no risk osteo - July 2010.pdf
  3. Calcium and vitamin D guidelines AAP low - Feb 2011 .PDF
  4. Vitamin D Hormesis and aging - Hayes 2010.PDF
  5. vitamin D levels in blood - Grassroots May 2011.jpg
  6. Constant level of vitamin D in human evolution - Veith 2011.jpg
  7. How much vitamin D people take - peaks at 0, 2000, and 10,000 IU
  8. Woman's vitamin D levels chart
  9. Vitamin D levels - Glossmann 2011.jpg
  10. high dose vitamin D for elderly - 2009
  11. Vitamin D ng vs disease1 -Garland 2009
  12. dose response testing is necessary
  13. Vit D recommendations table
  14. More Accurate Weight Based Formula for Vitamin D Replacement
  15. 1000 IU vit D reduces cardiovascular risk but Calcium does not
  16. Even 1000 IU Vit D may reduce risk of CVD
  17. Unsure about vit D and CVD
  18. Vit D and autoimmune
  19. Vitamin D by 10 ng higher is associated with 4 mg higher HDL
  20. 1200 IU of Vit D better than placebo for Japanese influenza
  21. Need at least 43 ng and 2000 IU vit D to reduce CVD risk
  22. Vit D safety and dose response
  23. Unable to predict vit D levels
  24. loading dose guidelines
  25. Showers and chlorine can reduce vitamin D
  26. Vitamin D and interactions Consumer Labs
  27. A single gene may determine vitamin D dose response
  28. Small fraction of Infants actually get 200 IU daily
  29. VITAMIN D THE CURE May 2008
  30. Cholecalciferol loading dose guideline for vitamin D deficient adults
  31. IoM Vitamin D and Calcium Systematic Review of Health Outcomes July 2009
  32. IOM table of contents and list of tables
  33. Adequacy of Vitamin D Replacement in Severe Deficiency Is Dependent on Body Mass Index
  34. IoM Report made for them on Vit D and Calcium July 2009
  35. Addressing vitamin D deficiency in Canada
  36. The virtues of vitamin D—but how much is too much?
  37. Vit D table by Sardi 2008
  38. Chart Finland 4000 IU for 10 years - resulted in less diabetes
  39. Elderly Nursing Home RCT 600 IU vitamin D per day average - daily more effective
  40. Body size formula of vitamin D for seniors - 2008
  41. Vitamin D dose response for postmenop blacks - 2000 IU gets to only 25 ng
  42. Vitamin D 60ng/ml chart
  43. Dose response Grassrootshealth - Aug 2010
  44. Cholesterol decreased over decades - CDC
  45. Europe Upper Limit 2000 IU for 11 and older - 2002
  46. 2000 IU Vitamin D in antarctic winter resulted in some weight loss - 2009
  47. Review of Upper Limit for vitamin D - 2007
  48. Non-responders to Calcium and vitamin D had certain genes - Aug 2010
  49. mental health 2

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