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  1. Sports and D
  2. Food does not provide for micronutrients such as vitamin D - 2006
  3. Food does not provide enough micronutrients- 2006
  4. Virtually all basketball players and dancers had less than 30 ng - Sept 2010
  5. Vitamin D and Maximal Oxygen uptake - 2011.PDF
  6. Effect of vitamin D on muscle strength - meta-analysis 2010.pdf
  7. Can Vitamin D Improve Your Athletic Performance (yes)
  8. Australian Golfers get enough vit D
  9. vit d correlated to fitness for post menop women
  10. Review of vitamin D found to help sports
  11. Vit D and Skeletal Muscle review
  12. Vitamin D supplementation and muscle strength
  13. More than 40 ng vitamin D for athletes - July 2010
  14. Athletes and vitamin D and UV - perhaps more than 2000 IU July 2010
  15. Vitamin D and Athletic Performance - Dec 2011.pdf
  16. Stress Fracture - Glossmann 2011.jpg
  17. Vitamin D helps if not fit - Glossmann 2011.jpg
  18. Vitamin D Fortification in Finnish Military - stress fracture - 2012.pdf
  19. Vitamin D and Muscles
  20. Low muscle mass at least 2X more likely if low Vitamin D (Korea, all ages) – Dec 2020
  21. Girls with more vitamin D in blood could jump higher
  22. Peak athletic performance and vitamin D
  23. vit D and muscle review
  24. 5 independent proofs that vit d helps sports performance
  25. Vit D and professional sports in Australia
  26. Vitamin D May Allow American Olympians To Dominate In 2012
  27. Vitamin D deficiency is endemic in Middle Eastern sportsmen
  28. Athletes should have at least 25 ng of vitamin D
  29. Vitamin D and sports in Scotland
  30. Vit D another steroid hormone for muscle
  31. Vitamin D helps athletes while reducing their COVID-19 risk - Dec 4, 2020
  32. Active muscles store vitamin D in the winter - Oct 2019
  33. Stress Fractures and Vitamin D – narrative review March 2021
  34. Intense exercise increases vitamin D reception activation
  35. Concussions (traumatic brain injury) getting big press coverage, vitamin D might be both a cause and a solution
  36. Elite sports teams adding 5,000 IU of vitamin D weekly did not see much benefit (no surprise) – April 2021
  37. 2000 IU of vitamin D for just 2 weeks helped in many ways – RCT June 2016
  38. 2X less muscle soreness after exercise if Omega-3 index higher than 4 – RCT 2014
  39. 4,000 IU of vitamin D for 1 month does not help (muscles in this case) – RCT Jan 2020
  40. 4000 IU increased peak power in exercise vs placebo April 2010
  41. 4000 IU vitamin D and exercise for overweight – PhD 2010
  42. 5,000 IU daily was just enough vitamin D for Irish athletes in the winter – March 2013
  43. 5,000 IU vitamin D helped UK professional athletes in the winter – Oct 2012
  44. 50,000 IU Vitamin D weekly provided enough benefit for combat sport athletes – March 2020
  45. 8500 IU average daily helped sports performance – Oct 2010
  46. A Concussion-Free Football Season: How one High School beat the odds - July 2012
  47. Activity and being outdoors helps seniors – GPS and Vitamin D Dec 2012
  48. Another outdoor sport produces more bone than indoor sport – vitamin D Sept 2010

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