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Treat wounds, stop inflammation with nanoemulsion textile of Omega-3 and Resveratrol - Sept 2019

Incorporation of lipid nanosystems containing omega-3 fatty acids and resveratrol in textile substrates for wound healing and anti-inflammatory applications

SN Applied Sciences, September 2019, 1:1007
Juliana Silva Rui Mesquita Eva Pinho Ana Caldas M. E. C. D. Real Oliveira Carla M. Lopes Marlene Lúcio Graça Soares


Note: Resveratrol activates the Vitamin D Receptor, thus getting more vitamin D to tissues
Note: Adding Vitamin D would probably have greatly helped

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394 Omega-3 items in category Omega-3 helps with: Autism (8 studies), Depression (29 studies), Cardiovascular (34 studies), Cognition (49 studies), Pregnancy (40 studies), Infant (32 studies), Obesity (13 studies), Mortality (7 studies), Breast Cancer (5 studies), Smoking, Sleep, Stroke, Longevity, Trauma (12 studies), Inflammation (18 studies), Multiple Sclerosis (9 studies), VIRUS (12 studies), etc
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Omega-3 and Inflammation (items in both categories)

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In the present work, lipid nanosystems containing omega-3 fatty acid (nanostructured lipid carriers, NLCs) or omega-3 fatty acid and resveratrol (liposomes) were developed to improve cotton textile substrates as dressings with anti-inflammatory properties for wound healing applications. Lipid nanosystems were incorporated into woven, non-woven and knitted cotton substrates by exhaustion and impregnation. Based on physical–chemical characterization of the textile substrates, the textile structure and type of lipid nanosystems dictated the adsorption efficiency. In the case of NLCs, the woven substrate functionalized by exhaustion had a higher omega-3 release being the most promising for wound dressing application. Whereas for liposomes, the most adequate textile was the cationized knitted fabric functionalized by impregnation, that showed a more prolonged release profile of resveratrol.

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