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International Conference of Vitamin D Fortification of Food (India) – Sept 2018

Recent Advances in Food Fortification with Emphasis on Vitamin D Deficiency in Human Health click for details


Fortification with Vitamin D has

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Fortification works, even if food is cooked, but govts rarely fortifiy with enough
Govts, food producers, and families can fortify:
   milk,   yogurt,   beer,   bread,  cereals,  cooking oil,  soups,  jams,   jellys,   honey,   snack bars, etc.
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Day 1 (as of Aug 1, 2018)

  • Recent Advances in Food Fortification, Standards and Policies
  • Sunlight, Vitamin D-Ultraviolet Rays for Health
  • Vitamin D Status of Outdoors in Delhi: 1998 to 2018
  • Impact of Vitamin D fortified Milk in School Children
  • Emerging Biomarkers in Vitamin D Metabolism
  • Vitamin D Fortification: How Much Is Too Much?
  • Vitamin D And Neurodegenerative Diseases: From An Intriguing Idea To Therapeutic Option
  • Under Nutrition And Food Fortification
  • Food Fortification And Its Compliance To Recent Food Packaging And Labeling Regulations
  • Fortified Probiotic-Current Status And Their Potential Role In Health and Nutrition
  • Impact Of Vitamin D On Pregnancy-Related Disorders And Offspring Outcome In Early And Later Life.
  • Role Of Vitamin D In Autoimmune Diseases
  • Vitamin D Activation By Magnesium And Their Function In Human Health
  • Rickets In Childhood
  • Vitamin D, Bone Health And Congenital Ichthyosis
  • Vitamin D Deficiency Across Different Stages Of Breast Cancer

Day 2

  • Vitamin D Genomics Applications: The Personalized Vitamin D Response Index
  • Significance Of Vitamin D And Phosphate Interaction In health And Disease
  • Prophylactic Active Tau Immunization Leads To Sustained Reduction In Pathological Hallmarks Of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Efficacy Of Nano-Technology Based Micellized Formulation Of Vitamin D3 Over Conventional Fat-Soluble Vitamin D3 Preparation In Vitamin D Deficient Indian Children And Adults
  • Effect Of Vitamin D Supplementation On Serum Sclerostin Levels In Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Vitamin D And Bone Health In Children, A Western India Experience
  • Vitamin D In Pediatric Respiratory Diseases: Do We Have Enough Evidence?
  • Supplementation Of Vitamin D In Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Food Fortification: Safety And Regulatory Challenges
  • Vitamins Fortification In Fermented Foods Using Lactobacillus
  • The Need of Vitamin D Supplementation Programme in India

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