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Cereal in Australia can now be fortified with Vitamin D - Oct 2016

Australian Govt Website

Result of a 2 year long debate
Manuf. can now fortify cereal with Vitamin D in Australia and New Zealand
I am unable to quickly see how much vitamin D can be added,
I guess that it is less than 200 IU (per serving), the minimum daily recommended amount in Austraila.

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  1. I have been home-fortifying my morning granola with vitamin D for several years.
  2. 5,000 IU of Vitamin D powder added to 1 gallon of milk should be great for kids
  3. This sends an encouraging message to people around the world

Fortification with Vitamin D has

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Fortification works, even if food is cooked, but govts rarely fortifiy with enough
Govts, food producers, and families can fortify:
   milk,   yogurt,   beer,   bread,  cereals,  cooking oil,  soups,  jams,   jellys,   honey,   snack bars, etc.
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