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Boron increases vitamin D in the blood

Pilot study found that 10 of 11 people increased Vitamin D levels by 24% by just taking 6 mg of Boron daily

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In this study, supplementation of two levels (5 and 25 parts per million; ppm) of boron into broiler diets including
125 IU kg(-1), (inadequate) and
2000 IU kg (1) (adequate) vitamin D-3
as investigated. The effects of supplementation on performance and biochemical characters (Ca, P, Mg, glucose and AP) of broilers from 1 to 45 days of age were evaluated. Boron provided significant increases in performances of chicks fed both adequate and inadequate vitamin D-3-containing diets. The improvements in the inadequate vitamin D-3-containing group were higher than that of adequate vitamin D-3-containing group. The boron addition had a positive effect on Ca, P and alkaline phosphatase levels of chicks. Boron might be regarded as beneficial in inadequate vitamin D-3-containing broiler feed.

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Boron supplementation interacts with Vitamin D metabolism.[33] This is exemplified by a boron-deficient diet (marginal in Magnesium and copper) reducing Vitamin D levels to 44.9nM 25-hyroxyvitamin D after 63 days but being increased back to 62.4nM after 49 days of repletion with 3mg Boron34 and an intervention using 6mg fructoborate (fruit storage form of boron) noting a 20% increase in 25-hydroxyvitamin D in Vitamin D deficient individuals, and was said to not be due to seasonal fluctuations.[33]

Currently, these observations do not have proven mechanisms; one author hypothesized that boron may be reacting with a vitamin D metabolite to form a competitive inhibitor of 24-hydroxylase, an enzyme in Vitamin D synthesis, or otherwise directly inhibiting the enzyme.[33] These hypothesis' has not been tested.

Up-regulatory impact of boron on vitamin D function - does it reflect inhibition of 24-hydroxylase?
Med Hypotheses. 2004;63(6):1054-6.PMID: 15504575 DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2003.12.053
Miljkovic D1, Miljkovic N, McCarty MF.
FutureCeuticals Inc., 5080 Shoreham Plaza, San Diego, CA 92122, USA.

Nutritional intakes of boron have been shown to lessen the adverse consequences of vitamin D deficiency in rodents. Pilot clinical studies suggest that this effect may be mediated, in whole or in part, by an increase in serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D. We propose that, in concentrations achievable with good diets, boron suppresses the activity of the microsomal enzyme 24-hydroxylase, chiefly responsible for catabolism of this steroid. This inhibition may reflect a direct interaction with the enzyme, or perhaps boron's ability to form a covalent complex with the product of its activity, 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D. An up-regulatory impact of boron on 25-hydroxyvitamin D is potentially beneficial in light of the fact that the vitamin D status of many individuals is poor during winter months, and traditional supplemental doses of this vitamin are often too low to correct this problem. There is growing evidence that good vitamin D status - as reflected by 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels - may reduce risk for a host of prominent disorders; thus, boron may have the ability to potentiate this protection. Clinical studies also suggest that nutritional boron can up-regulate 17beta-estradiol levels in women, including postmenopausal women receiving hormone replacement therapy. The catabolism of this hormone is achieved by microsomal enzymes catalyzing vicinal hydroxylations - a description that also applies to 24-hydroxylase. This suggests the more general hypothesis that nutritional boron can inhibit a range of microsomal enzymes which insert hydroxyl groups vicinal to existing hydroxyls in steroids - including the enzymes which catabolize estradiol and 25-hydroxyvitamin D.
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