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The more COVID vaccine jabs, the more Omicron infections - Dec 16, 2021

NOT peer reviewed DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.25661.38889
Herve Seligmann plotted the data from a  Dutch report of Dec 12, 2021


Data as a table

Jabs% infection by
Omicron/other variants
3 jabs7.96%
2 jabs5.59%
1 jab2.56%
0 jab1.2%

8% got Omicron instead of Delta for those with 3 jabs
2.5% got Omicron instead of Delta for those with a single jab

Speculation 1) Most people with just a single jab were social distancing
Speculation 2) Fewer people with 3 jabs were socially distancing
   If both speculations 1&2 are correct, then people with 3 jabs would be more likely to get Omicron

The more COVID19 vaccine injections, the more omicron infections

Hervé Seligmann
The Danish Statens Serum Institut published on December 13 2021 the "COVID-19 rapport om Omikronvarianten". In Table 4 on page 6, it shows numbers of infections by omicron vs other variants in 4 vaccination categories, no injection, 1 injection, 2 injections, and 3 injections. Their graphical representation is below.

It is most likely that all vaccination categories have the same probability of exposure to omicron, yet risks of developing an infection as compared to other variants increase with numbers of injections. Omicron apparently has low virulence, which would enable the vaccinated to develop natural immunity at low risks despite vaccination. Natural immunity is for now more efficient and general against more variants, and more long-lived than injection-induced immunity. However, this is at the condition that injections do not cause longterm immunodeficiency. The linear pattern in the above figure is not encouraging, because the effect of the different injections on being infected by a new variant, omicron, is independent of the time since that injection occurred. The time since the 3d injection is on average much shorter than the time since the 2nd injection, however effects on omicron infection rates increase linearly with injection number. In that sense, an exponential increase of percentages of omicron infections would be better news, as it would indicate waning effects of injections on the versatility of the immune system. Longterm effects of injections seem cumulative. These include the decrease in versatility of the immune system as shown by omicron statistics in the above figure, and likely associated autoimmune effects, and other effects on fertility, and oncogenicity.

Thanks to Hélène Banoun and David Wiseman for proofing evidences.
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the plot is the ratio of yellow columns (as a %) from the Dutch Report

Note: The Dutch apparently test for variants for 100% of PCR positive tests

Thanks to Dr. Tim Bilash for finding this

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