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Omicron-1 survives on surfaces 3X longer than original - March 18, 2022

Omicron survives longer on some surfaces, studies find. That may help explain why it's more contagious, but it's no reason to panic


  • "I think that maybe surfaces could be a little more important than they were with the ancestral strain. I still do not think that does not mean that surfaces are dominant, though,"

Lab studies of BA.1 (which is less contagious than BA.2)

SurfaceOriginalOmicron BA.1
Plastic2 days8 days
Stainless Steel2 days7 days

Stealth’ Omicron Is Stealthy No More: What’s Known About the BA.2 Variant New York Times March 18, 2022

  • "And in a study in Hong Kong, researchers estimated that during an outbreak of BA.2 in a public housing complex, the virus doubled every 1.28 days."

Note: Surface transmission becomes important when people are not wearing masks

  1. Maskless infected person who is much more likely to leave a virus on a surface
  2. Maskless victim touches the surface, then touches their face

Note: Infections not needing hospitalization can still result in long-haul for many months or years

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