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Omicron-2: in 50 countries, some with Omicron-1 can get it - Jan 29, 2022

Omicron sub-variant BA.2 more infectious than original version, says study - Jan 31, 2022

Financial Times

  • "Researchers found that BA.2 spread between members of the same household within seven days of the first infection in 39 per cent of cases, compared with 29 per cent of cases for the original version of Omicron. This would suggest that BA.2 is 34 per cent more transmissible than the original version, known as BA.1."
  • "Double-vaccinated individuals were 2.5 times more at risk of infection from BA.2 compared with the original version and triple-jabbed people were three times more likely to be infected by BA.2 than BA.1. But BA.2 “[does] not increase its transmissibility from vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections”, researchers added."

The Coronavirus Will Surprise Us Again - Jan 29, 2021

The Atlantic

  • "The next variant may surprise us again. It could, by chance, become more virulent. It could become more transmissible. It will definitely alight upon new ways to escape the antibodies we’ve built up. The virus will keep finding those fitness peaks."
  • "Unlike other pathogens that have been criss-crossing the fitness landscape in humans for a very long time, the coronavirus has only just gotten started."
  • "“With Omicron, I think we got lucky,” says Sergei Pond, an evolutionary biologist at Temple University. The set of mutations that makes the variant so good at infecting even vaccinated people just happens to also make it a little less inherently virulent."
  • "The coronavirus’s virulence is a by-product of two other factors under more direct evolutionary pressure: how inherently transmissible it is and how good it is at evading previous immunity. How deadly it is doesn’t matter so much, because the coronavirus is usually transmitted early on in an infection, long before it ever kills its host."

Dr. Campbell video on BA.1 vs BA.2 - Jan 30, 2022

Suspects that Infection by BA.1 will provide immunitye to BA.2 (but data elsewhere disagrees)

SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.2 subvariant Wikipedia


What you need to know about the fast-spreading BA.2 omicron variant

new Scientist - Jan 28, 2022
Will BA.2 cause yet another wave of cases around the world?
"Hopefully not, though it might prolong the current omicron waves in many countries. In South Africa, whose omicron wave is pretty much over already, there is no sign of a resurgence despite a high proportion of cases now being BA.2. “I would be surprised if BA.2 caused major waves in places that have just had BA.1,” says Bloom. However, countries that have largely succeeded in preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus so far, such as Japan, might find it even more difficult to suppress BA.2 than BA.1. In other words, a few countries might have BA.2 waves."

The latest Covid variant is 1.5 times more contagious than omicron and already circulating in almost half of U.S. states

CNBC Jan28, 2022

  • "The U.K. Health Security Agency on Friday said BA.2 has a “substantial” growth advantage over the original omicron, known as BA.1."

Omicron BA.2 Variant May Be Extra Transmissible MedPage Today Jan 24

  • "Late last week, the U.K. Health Security Agency designated BA.2 a "variant under investigation" as cases were doubling every 4 days and showing a 120% growth advantage over the original Omicron clade, known as BA.1, "
    • Not clear if this is 1.2X OR 2.2X
  • "Globally, a total of 8,040 sequences of BA.2 have been uploaded to the global variant database Gisaid since 17 November 2021"
  • "While BA.1 had about 60 mutations, BA.2 has about 85 mutations"
  • " In Denmark, BA.2 now accounts for nearly half of all cases detected there."

The next Covid variant will be more contagious than omicron, but the question is whether it will be more deadly, WHO says CNBC Jan 25

  • today Pizer is starting RCT for Omicron-1 variant

Two Norwegians who had been infectied with O-1 have been infected with O-2


New Mutation Of Omicron May Spread Even Faster; It’s Already In The US - Jan 25

Kaiser Health Network
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Stealth Omicron Sub-Variant BA.2 Found in Almost Half of U.S. States - Jan 25


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