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March 2017, 2018 - Software compatability updates

  • Browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, mobile screens - perhaps also IE and Opera
    • Test smaller screen in Chrome developer mode crtl+shift+I - also has a throttle mode
  • Languages: English, Spanish (translations are the longest in Spanish)
  • While: not logged in, logged in, and Admim

Test the following

  • Sometimes Google translations join lines together
  • Hide and unhide health problem column works
  • Menu Dropdowns displays and works
  • Printer friendly works
  • PDF this page works
  • This page is in the following categories works
  • Comments work without having to click a button
  • Auto-translation if set native language to Spanish
  • "Select language" dropdown works
  • Facebook login works
  • links to this page - wide enough
  • Links to this page visible in mobile
  • able to post a comment
  • horizontal bar is visible
  • copy the URL at the bottom of the page
  • move the select language slider
  • category display is not too wide
  • category selection is not tabbed too far to the right
  • second header bar visible in mobile view
  • See long list of new items
  • Able to subscribe to changes in a category
  • Health Problems category is wide enough
  • Health Problems category shows on various pages
  • Categories can be viewed for selection https://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-listpages.php (313)
Very short list of New and modified pages - like on homepage
Id Page Hits Last modification Creator Categories
8024 Overview Gut and vitamin D 47654
16 Jun, 2024 22:28
admin Overviews
9530 Vitamin D has treated Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune diseases for 16 years – Coimbra April 2018 16894
16 Jun, 2024 18:16
admin Multiple Sclerosis
Books, videos on Vitamin D
Top news
Vitamin D in Europe
5279 Video by Dr. Coimbra – 95 percent of auto-immune cured with vitamin D in high doses - April 2014 99492
16 Jun, 2024 18:15
admin Multiple Sclerosis
Books, videos on Vitamin D
Top news
12487 Autoimmune and high-dose vitamin D (Dr. Coimbra) - Dr. Mahtani video and transcript - Nov 2020 12344
16 Jun, 2024 18:09
admin Multiple Sclerosis
Books, videos on Vitamin D
13613 Vitamin D reduces autoimmune disease - Dr. Campbell video and transcript - May 2022 2334
16 Jun, 2024 18:06
admin Books, videos on Vitamin D

Most-viewed pages as of Aug 2016 (Text of table display)

ViewsTitle of page
226,787 Overview Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue and vitamin D
190,867 No longer easily bruised: due to vitamins, probably vitamin D
159,303 50,000 IU of Vitamin D every 2 weeks reduced gestational diabetes – RCT Feb 2015
155,713 One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need
128,682 Overview Magnesium and vitamin D

Top 10 most read pages on VitaminDWiki

__The following include only show an exercycle bicycle, and not the rest of AboutUS

Categories of studies on this website

Number of studies
Pregnancy, intervention
500 ea
Infant-Child, Osteoarthritis, Dark Skin
390 ea
Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Meta-analysis
360 ea
Ultraviolet, Noontime sun
270 ea
Genetics, Trauma & Surgery, Breast Cancer, Magnesium, Omega-3
190 ea
Vitamin D - other

As of March 2018

Items in both categories of Intervention AND Autism

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