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VitaminDWiki interview and transcript - Jan 2022 30 topics
Take lots of Vitamin D at first signs of COVID 4 pills in one day
One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need

   Note: It takes 2-6 months to strengthen the immune system to fight COVID if not start with a loading dose
   Note: More often is needed to conquire COVID, Multiple Sclerosis, Cluster Headache, Preeclampsia, etc.

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13765 Long-COVID is now the biggest COVID concern (there are solutions) – July 2022 328
11 Aug, 2022 23:55
admin Vitamin D Receptor
11728 COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos 84103
11 Aug, 2022 17:54
admin Top news
13835 Vitamin D can provide HEALTH immunity to fight the Corona virus this fall - Aug 2022 399
10 Aug, 2022 13:22
admin Virus
13764 Possible Vitamin D intervention trial in Saudi Arabia or China 384
09 Aug, 2022 22:02
admin Virus
13831 Vitamin D and COVID - satirical comedy (with transcript) by Jimmy Dore - Aug 2022 115
08 Aug, 2022 20:10
admin Books, videos on Vitamin D
13826 LONG-COVID may be permanent in 1 in 200 of people infected – July 2022 78
06 Aug, 2022 15:52
admin Virus
13686 Half as much Long-Haul with Omicron - June 2022 181
06 Aug, 2022 15:03
admin Virus
13801 Current Compherensive Approach to COVID-19 (293 pages) - July 2022 125
05 Aug, 2022 16:31
admin Books, videos on Vitamin D
13823 Super-immune do not get COVID symptoms (perhaps Vitamin D) - Aug 2022 193
05 Aug, 2022 02:07
admin Virus
13825 Vitamin D doubled from 400 to 800 IU in Ireland during pandemic (need 5X more) - Aug 2022 149
04 Aug, 2022 18:52
admin Vitamin D in Europe
2422 Obesity pandemic since 1975 - is it due to Vitamin D, Magnesium, Iodine, adenovirus, or what 10340
03 Aug, 2022 15:51
admin Obesity
Vitamin D and Magnesium
13775 Monkeypox (16,500 cases) is NOT just transmitted between gay men - July 2022 271
03 Aug, 2022 11:04
admin Virus
13817 Paxlovid trial was done before Omicron on UNvaccinated people - Aug 2022 107
02 Aug, 2022 23:31
admin Virus
13806 Melatonin and Vitamin D 201
31 Jul, 2022 21:23
admin Books, videos on Vitamin D
13601 You Are Going to Get COVID Again … and Again … and Again 334
28 Jul, 2022 15:38
admin Virus
5765 Vitamin D prevents Hepatitis-C and helps treat it (many studies) 22983
27 Jul, 2022 21:29
admin Liver
7698 Hepatitis B virus and Vitamin D - many studies 13597
27 Jul, 2022 21:27
admin Liver
13509 Hepatitis normally rare in children: huge increase after lockdown (Adenovirus, low Vitamin D) - April 2022 366
27 Jul, 2022 21:26
admin Liver
13795 Early COVID treatments rarely work 7 days after symptoms, this trial gave Vitamin D on 7th day – RCT May 2022 129
27 Jul, 2022 20:43
admin Virus
13401 COVID death 12X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor (less D gets to cells) - Oct 2021 494
27 Jul, 2022 20:18
admin Vitamin D Receptor

Vitamin D Overview

Learn how Vitamin D is essential for good health
  Watch a 5 minute video "Does Less Sun Mean more Disease?"
  Browse for other Health Problems and D in left column or here
  see also Supplementing and More in the menu at the top of every page
If you have a disease associated with low Vit D take Vit D
Raising your Vit D levels will substantially prevent other low-Vit D health problems
Proof that Vitamin D Works   Getting Vitamin D into your body

Is 50ng enough?   How to restore levels quickly  VitaminDWiki interview and transcript - Jan 2022
Books and Videos 224   Diseases which are related due to vitamin D deficiency
Reasons for low response to vitamin D   Why are doctors reluctant
Cancer studies include:   Breast 236   Colon 128   Lung 53   Prostate 96   Pancreatic 54   Skin 113
Colds and flu   Dark Skin 451   Diabetes 507   Obesity 392   Pregnancy 826   Seniors 382
COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

A few important Vitamin D pages

Vitamin D is the 3rd most important contributor to health,
   and the lowest-cost way to improve health

Importance to Health VDW10426  

10 Reasons why children no longer have healthy levels of Vitamin D

Monthly dosing is better than daily: children & elderly

Live longer if more vitamin D - 13 meta studies

Left hand column - with links to >100 health problem categories

High-Dose Vitamin D (10,000 - 200,000 IU/day)
Comparing High-dose vitamin D therapies

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