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UK Milk producer sets vitamin D day, yet UK milk rarely has vitamin D – March 31 2013

First UK Vitamin D day launched. Yet

One of the few UK milks to be fortified with vitamin D is Growing Up Milk (are there others?)

  • Which has only 100 IU in 300 ml of milk


  • US recommendation is 600 IU daily from age 0 to 70
    to get up to the US RDA, the infant would need to drink 1.8 liters of Growing Up Milk each day
  • Many believe that the vitamin D dose should be proportional to weight, so even more would be needed as child gets older.
    100 IU per kg of infant July 2011, Poland etc.

1000 IU per 25 lbs.jpg

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17% Breastfeeding in UK at 3 months (and thus no vitamin D from bottled milk)

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