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Getting Vitamin D before heart surgery prevented Afib in those who had been deficient – July 2018

Preventive Effect of Preoperative Vitamin D Supplementation on Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation.

Braz J Cardiovasc Surg. 2018 Jul-Aug;33(4):347-352. doi: 10.21470/1678-9741-2018-0014.
Cerit L1, Özcem B2, Cerit Z3, Duygu H1.



Overview Loading of vitamin D contains the following

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Vitamin D loading dose (stoss therapy) proven to improve health overview
If a person is or is suspected to be, very vitamin D deficient a loading dose should be given

  • Loading = restore = quick replacement by 1 or more doses
  • Loading doses range in total size from 100,000 IU to 1,000,000 IU of Vitamin D3
    • = 2.5 to 25 milligrams
  • The size of the loading dose is a function of body weight - see below
    • Unfortunately, some doctors persist in using Vitamin D2 instead of D3
  • Loading may be done as quickly as a single day (Stoss), to as slowly as 3 months.
    • It appears that spreading the loading dose over 4+ days is slightly better if speed is not essential
  • Loading is typically oral, but can be Injection (I.M,) and Topical
  • Loading dose is ~3X faster if done topically or swished inside of the mouth
    • Skips the slow process of stomach and intestine, and might even skip liver and Kidney as well
  • The loading dose persists in the body for 1 - 3 months
    • The loading dose should be followed up with on-going maintenance dosing
    • Unfortunately, many doctors fail to follow-up with the maintenance dosing.
  • About 1 in 300 people have some form of a mild allergic reaction to vitamin D supplements, including loading doses
    • it appears prudent to test with a small amount of vitamin D before giving a loading dose
    • The causes of a mild allergic reaction appear to be: (in order of occurrence)
    • 1) lack of magnesium - which can be easily added
    • 2) allergy to capsule contents - oil, additives (powder does not appear to cause any reaction)
    • 3) allergy to the tiny amount of D3 itself (allergy to wool) ( alternate: D3 made from plants )
    • 4) allergy of the gut to Vitamin D - alternative = topical

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To assess the relationship between preoperative vitamin D (vitD) supplementation and the development of postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF).

The study group consisted of 328 consecutive patients. The ınfluence of preoperative vitD supplementation on POAF was reviewed in 136 patients who underwent coronary artery bypass graft surgery with vitD insufficiency (n=80) and vitD deficiency (n=56). Patients were assigned to receive either oral vitD (50,000 IU) (treatment group, n=68) or not (control group, n=68) 48 hours before surgery. Patients were followed up during hospitalisation process with respect to POAF.

There was no significant difference between treatment and control groups with regards to age, gender, diabetes mellitus, smoking history, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, left atrial diameter, and biochemical parameters. Also, there was no significant difference between these groups with regards to mean vitD level on both insufficiency and deficiency patients (24.6±3.7 vs. 24.9±3.9 ng/ml P=0.837, 11.4±4.9 vs. 10.9±5.2 ng/ml P=0.681, respectively). Although the occurrence of POAF was not significantly different among treatment and control groups in patients with vitD insufficiency (31% vs. 33% P=0.538), there was a significant difference between the two groups regarding to POAF in patients with vitD deficiency (18% vs. 29% P=0.02).

Although preoperative vitD supplementation was not found to be associated with prevention of POAF in patients with vitD insufficiency, it was found to be strongly associated with prevention of POAF in those with vitD deficiency.

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