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Health Insurance company still giving free Vitamin D to members who are deficient – Oct 2023

Oscar Health - was giving Vitamin D in 2018, still giving in 2023

NY, GA, IL, IA, NE, KS, NC, PA, MO, TX, OH, AZ, FL,TN, MI, NJ, VA (34% of states Oct 2023)
Oscar Health focuses on lowered health costs by improving health
They provide many preventive services (not just early detection) for free, such as Vitamin D to the deficient
Google upped their investment in Oscar Health by $375 million in Aug 2018

Oscar still gave free vitamin D to those who are deficient as of Oct 2023
Many poor reviews by customers Sept 2018

Note: Most health insurance companies pay for prescribed vitamin D supplements

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Perhaps $4,000/year less health care costs if supplement with $5/year of Vitamin D

One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need

Reduction of health problems when go from 20 ng (which is typical) to optimal

Grassroots Health Aug 2018

80% less breast cancer
63% fewer broken bones
50% less type 2 diabetes
40-60% fewer preterm births
12% lower pain levels

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