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Bone fractures reduced by a minimum of 800 IU vitamin D and Calcium – meta-meta-analysis March 2014

Vitamin D supplements with or without calcium to prevent fractures

BoneKEy Reports (2014) 3, Article number: 512 (2014) doi:10.1038/bonekey.2014.7
Received 02 September 2013 Accepted 05 November 2013 Published online 05 March 2014
Paul Lips, Evelien Gielen & Natasja M van Schoor

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with fractures. This relationship is biologically plausible. The results of 19 randomized clinical trials with vitamin D with or without calcium show varying results: a decreased fracture incidence in 7, neutral in 10 trials, whereas 2 trials with a high dose of vitamin D once per year showed an increased fracture incidence. In three out of four well-powered trials that used recommended doses of vitamin D 700–1000 IU per day, vitamin D supplementation did not significantly influence fracture risk. In one of these trials, a statistically significant fracture reduction was observed in nursing home residents having severe vitamin D deficiency, low calcium intake and good compliance.
Thirteen meta-analyses were done, and 11 of these showed a significantly decreased fracture incidence in the supplemented groups. Vitamin D alone was not effective, studies combining vitamin D and calcium showed inconsistent results. Analyses for vertebral fractures were negative in all cases. In conclusion, a vitamin D supplement of 800 IU per day in combination with calcium may decrease the incidence of non-vertebral fractures, especially in persons in the older age groups having low-baseline vitamin D status and low calcium intake and showing good compliance.
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Yes, need extra Calcium with low amount of vitamin D, but Calcium should be minimized with high level of vitamin D
Note: Following chart which shows that supplement suppliers reduce the Calcium as they increase the Vitamin D in pills

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