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ADHD 3.7 X higher risk if depressed pregnancy (low vitamin D) – Dec 2020

The role of neonatal vitamin D in the association of prenatal depression with toddlers ADHD symptoms: A birth cohort study

Journal of Affective Disorders 281 (2021) 390-396
Shuang-shuang Maa,b,c,d,1, Dao-min Zhue,1, Wan-jun Yina,b,c,d, Jia-hu Haoa,b,c,d,
Kun Huanga,b,c,d, Fang-biao Taoa,b,c,d, Rui-xue Taof,2,*, Peng Zhua,b,c,d,2,**


The articles in Pregnancy AND Depression:

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ADHD and Vitamin D Deficiency contains the following

  • "ADHD 1.5X more likely if low Vitamin D during early pregnancy– Dec 2019"
  • "For every 10 ng more vitamin D during pregnancy 11% less likely for child to have ADHD symptoms - July 2015"

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Background: Vitamin D has been demonstrated a “neuroprotective” effect, but it is unclear whether early-life adequate vitamin D protect adverse neurodevelopment. We aimed to examine the role of neonatal vitamin D in the association of maternal depression (MD) symptoms with toddlers ADHD.

Methods: Participants included 1 125 mother-infant pairs from the China-Anhui Birth Cohort study. MD was assessed by the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) at 30-34 gestational weeks. Toddlers ADHD was reported by the Conners’ Hyperactivity Index (CHI) at 48-54 months postpartum. Multiple logistic regression models were performed to evaluate the association of maternal depressive score and toddlers ADHD while cord blood 25(OH)D levels were stratified.

Results: Toddlers of mothers with higher depression score were at higher risk of ADHD (20.1% vs 11.1%, P = 0.003; adjusted RR=1.75, 95% CI: 1.10-2.81). Among toddlers with neonatal vitamin D deficiency (VDD), ADHD risk was significantly increased with maternal MD (adjusted RR=3.74, 95% CI: 1.49-9.41), but the association was not found in toddlers with neonatal vitamin D adequacy (VDA). Compared to toddlers without MD, toddlers with both MD and neonatal VDD had higher risk of ADHD (adjusted RR=3.10, 95% CI: 1.44-6.63). But the risk did not significantly increase in toddlers with MD and neonatal VDA (adjusted RR=1.53, 95% CI: 0.86-2.72). Limitations: Maternal depressive symptoms in early pregnancy and anxious symptoms were needed to include.

Conclusion: This prospective study indicated that the detrimental effect of maternal prenatal depressive symptoms on offspring’ s ADHD symptoms strengthened in toddlers with neonatal VDD.

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