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Postpartum Depression 3.3 X more likely if low vitamin D – Oct 2018

The Relationship Between Vitamin D and Postpartum Depression in Reproductive-Aged Iranian Women.

J Med Life. 2018 Oct-Dec;11(4):286-292. doi: 10.25122/jml-2018-0038.
Abedi P1, Bovayri M2, Fakhri A3, Jahanfar S4.


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First post-partum depression drug approved by the FDA March 2019

Washington Post
Drug costs $34,000
Have to be under medical supervision for 60 hours, - just when have a new infant

Seems like taking vitamin D would be far far better than this drug

Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between vitamin D and postpartum depression in reproductive-aged Iranian women.
Methods and Results: This study was conducted on 120 women (60 with postpartum depression and 60 without) in Izeh, Iran. A socio-demographic questionnaire and Beck Depression Scale were used for data collection. The ELISA method was used for measuring 25-OH vitamin D (ng). The participants were classified according to their vitamin D level as follows: 25-OH-D < 10ng/ml considered as severe deficiency, 10-20n g/ml as moderate insufficiency, 20-30 ng/ml as mild insufficiency and >30ng/ml as normal. Data were analyzed using the independent t-test or Mann-Whitney test, chi-square and logistic regression test. The mean level of vitamin D of women with postpartum depression was lower than that in normal women (16.89±7.05 vs. 21.28±7.13, p=0.001).
More than 53% of women with postpartum depression had vitamin D <20 ng/ml compared to 31.7% of women with no depression (p=0.005). Moreover, 16.7% of women with postpartum depression had vitamin D < 10ng/ml compared to only 6.7% in the normal group (p = 0.005). Women with vitamin D less than 20ng/ml compared to vitamin D > 20ng/ml were 3.30 times more likely to have postpartum depression (OR: 3.3, CI: 1.32-8.24, p= 0.01).
Discussion: There is a significant relationship between a low level of vitamin D and postpartum depression among reproductive-aged Iranian women. Health policy makers should pay attention to the measuring vitamin D level as one of the primary tests of pregnant women.

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