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Puberty Starts Earlier Than It Used To (unaware of Vitamin D) - May 2022

Puberty Starts Earlier Than It Used To. No One Knows Why

Ney York Times - May 18, 2022

  • "Some girls are starting to develop breasts as early as age 6 or 7."
  • "Researchers are studying the role of obesity, chemicals and stress."
  • "The decline was even more striking in Black girls, who had begun developing breasts, on average, at age 9."
    • Not a surprise, blacks have even lower vitamin d levels than whites
  • "Studies in the decades since have confirmed, in dozens of countries, that the age of puberty in girls has dropped by about three months per decade since the 1970s. A similar pattern, though less extreme, has been observed in boys."

Puberty much earlier if low vitamin D

Note: Vitamin D levels have been crashing in the past 50 years AND the age of puberty have also been dropping around the world

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