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Sleep problems cured by vitamin D, etc. – workshops and patient workbooks – Gominak 2018

Over 5,000 people have been treated of sleep problems using Dr. Gominak’s protocol using Vitamin D (getting to 60-80 ng) along with Vitamin B complex.

She has described, in detail, with text and videos, the procedure she uses.

Dr. Gorminak is now offering courses for clinicians in how to cure many sleep problems with Vitamin D, etc.

Her courses for clinicians are about $1,000 – given about 3 times per year
    (Clinicians include. Mental health professionals, PT's, acupuncturists, health or personal coaches, trainers, body workers, energy workers)
Her patient workbooks cost $30.
She anticipates having videos of a workshop available for purchase in 2018
She also offers virtual personal coaching
Sleep, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, jaw, etc. Dr. Gominak transcript - 2016 - a great interview
She strongly recommends LC/MS Vitamin D tests for $50, which is available widely in the US
Other supplements: B12 1000 mcg/day for B12 level less than 500/ng/L,B50 for 3 months only
   multi vitamin concentrate intravenous infusion with all 8 B's in low dose

Right Sleep Workbook – Table of Contents

Your Baseline Data…….. 4-5
First D Level. Deciding on Your First Vitamin D dose6-7
Instructions for Grading Your Sleep…8-9
Recording Vitamin D Levels . 10-11
Graphing Your Sleep and your D levels……12
First Month……13-16
Calculating Your D Dose for Month Two …17-20
Month Two……21-24
Month Three. 25-28
The 12 Week Mark……... 29
Month Four, Five and Six..……. 30-41
The 6 Month Mark. 42
How to Use Pantothenic Acid to Help Your Pain43
Month Seven, Eight, and Nine. 44-55
The 9 Month Mark. 56
Months Ten, Eleven and Twelve57-68
Congratulations!!!! You’ve completed a year of RightSleep®69
RightSleep® Fundamentals70-77

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