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The Healing Sun –1999 book highlights at VitaminDWiki

The Healing Sun, Sunlight and health in the 21st Century

Richard Hobday 1999, UK book reprinted 2000 and 2004
Google scanned the book You can look at all of it online
Hobday also wrote The Light Revolution in 2006

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Highlights of book by Henry Lahore of VitaminDWiki

  • ACTH (stress hormone) is much higher in artificial light than “full spectrum” or natural light pg 40
  • 80% of children in towns and cities had Rickets in early 20th century – pollution reduced UVB pg 62, 118
  • Table of Colon Cancer vs latitude: 0.5% at equator, 16% in Ireland pg 71
  • Table of Breast Cancer vs latitude: 2% at equator, 26% in Ireland pg 73
  • UV increased blood ejection from heart by 39% – published in 1935
  • Diabetics get such a great benefit from the sun that they might need to reduce insulin –pg 78
  • 2/3 more dental cavities by people living in less sunny part of the US – 1939 study pg 80
  • Medical history is no longer studies now that we have antibiotics pg 83
  • Heliotherapy rediscovered in early 20th century after 1500 years of rejection by religions
  • TB treatments included benefits of body warming to adjust to cold temperatures pg 89
  • Greek physician (110 AD) prescribed sun therapy for epilepsy, asthma, diseases of bladder, obesity, etc. pg
  • Italian/Roman proverb: “Where the sun does not go the doctor does” pg 130
  • Roman scholar (Pleny 60 AD) sunbathing: “ the best of all self-administered remedies pg 90
  • Arabic physician ( Avicenna 1010 AD) recommended sun baths for asthma and sciatica pg 91
  • Dr.Finsen noticed that he could study better in the sunlight (he had Rheumatic Fever)
    – he went on to get 1903 Nobel Prize in Medicine for UV health benefits
  • Sunbathe for TB only 6-9 AM – not in middle of the day when sun was too hot – pg , 119
    Note: this disagrees with UVB being best in middle of the day
  • Most heliotherpy progress was made in Spring and early summer pg 109
  • Don’t bake when sunbathing for health – air temperature should be less than 64 degrees pg 112

Sun healing (Heliotherapy) used in many places over the past 3,000 years

The use of vitamin D by living organisms goes back 750,000,000 years
The use of the sun to heal started about 3,000 years ago
Then religions fround on sun therapy for 1000 years– too much like pagan sun worship.

Heliotherapy: Benefits of the Sun Far and Beyond Vitamin D Probably Aug 2014
Heliotherapy had been used for:
Acne, psoriasis and other skin disorders
Muscular stimulation and relaxation
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Reducing body odor
Boosting the body’s immune system for the treatment of AIDS
Reducing bacteria count by as much as 50% from infections
Decontaminating blood transfusions
DNA repair
Irradiating the blood of cancer patients
Hyperbilrubinemia (neonatal jaundice)

Heliotherapy History Wikipedia Dec 2016

  • “Many ancient cultures practiced various forms of heliotherapy, including people of
  • Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome.

The Inca, Assyrian and early German settlers also worshipped the sun as a health bringing deity.

  • Indian medical literature dating to 1500 BCE describes a treatment combining herbs with natural sunlight to treat non-pigmented skin areas.
  • Buddhist literature from about 200 CE and 10th-century Chinese documents make similar references.”

The rise and fall of sunlight therapy LA Times 2007

  • “The patients were rolled onto sun-drenched, open-air balconies, wearing loincloths and covered from head to toe with white sheets.
    On the first day of treatment, just their feet peeked out from under the sheets, and only for five minutes.
    On day two, the sheets were pulled a little higher, and the patients were left in the sun a few minutes more.
    By day five, only the patients' heads were covered, their bodies left to soak up sun for more than an hour.
    After a few weeks, the patients were very tan — and hopefully very healthy.