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Outdoor activities prescribed by 20 French doctors to treat diseases associated with low vitamin D – Nov 2015

Doctors prescribe surfing lessons in 'world first' in French seaside town

  • 20 doctors are taking part in a pilot scheme
  • The doctors are authorised to prescribe a 12-week course in sports, including surfing or paddleboard but also more classic activities like swimming or Nordic walking
  • Doctors say surfing and other sports can be highly effective in fighting chronic pain and depression, as well as diabetes and obesity, and helps reduce the 46,000 deaths annually linked to inactivity.

Note that every health problem has been previously associated with low vitamin D (and lack of being outdoors)

Note that the outdoor benefit of vitamin D would only result during summer near noon and if now wear a wetsuit

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  • Diabetes is 5X more frequent far from the equator
  • Children getting 2,000 IU of vitamin D are 8X less likely to get Type 1 diabetes
  • Obese people get less sun / Vitamin D - and also vitamin D gets lost in fat
  • Sedentary people get less sun / Vitamin D
  • Worldwide Diabetes increase has been concurrent with vitamin D decrease and air conditioning
  • Elderly get 4X less vitamin D from the same amount of sun
        Elderly also spend less time outdoors and have more clothes on
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Vitamin D appears to both prevent and treat diabetes

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