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  1. Vitamin C is as good as exercise at reducing cardiovascular problems - Sept 2015
  2. Off Topic: EDTA similar reduction in heart attack as Vitamin C, aspirin and Mg – RCT March 2013
  3. Vitamin D probably has a Role in Cancer, CVD, and COVID - video and transcript Dec 1, 2021
  4. Recurrrent Cardiovascular deaths cut in half if 10 ng more Vitamin D – meta-analysis Sept 2021
  5. Overview Cardiovascular and vitamin D
  6. Heart Failure 15X more likely if poor VDR, even if good level of vitamin D (China) – March 2019
  7. Vitamin D levels dropped 42 percent immediately after pediatric cardiac surgery – Dec 2019
  8. Low Vitamin D and Vitamin K: brittle bones and hardened arteries – LEF Sept 2010
  9. Cardiovascular Disease is treated by Vitamin D - review Oct 2021
  10. Chronic Heart Failure reduced by 4,000 IU daily for a year – RCT April 2016
  11. Monthly vitamin D helped hearts with low vitamin D a bit (need it more frequently) – RCT March 2022
  12. Inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis): low Vitamin D and 22 X more likely to have kidney problems – March 2022
  13. Giving free vitamin D to every Iranian would pay for itself by just reducing CVD – Oct 2021
  14. Resveratrol fights Parkinson, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, ALS, Stroke, etc.– Nov 2018
  15. Chart summarizing clinical trials of CVD and vitamin D 2009
  16. Proof that vitamin D is needed: BISCHOFF April-2010
  17. Review of vitamin D and CVD prevention - June 2010
  18. Table of Vitamin D and CVD 2010
  19. Paradoxical Relationship Vitamin D3 and blood pressure - abstract June 2010
  20. Single dose 100000 or 200000 IU vitamin D helped some aspects of diabetes – June 2010
  21. Cardiovascular meta-analysis of vitamin D is very promising- Aug 2010
  22. cardio prevention with vitamin D might need more than 5000 IU- review 2010
  23. Systolic pressure reduced by small doses of vitamin D - metaanalysis 2010
  24. Vitamin D and Vitamin K for bones and heart - LEF Sept 2010
  25. vitamin D role in cardiovascular health - Sept 2010
  26. Review of Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease - April 2010
  27. Calcium without vitamin D increases heart attack - BMJ July 2010
  28. Breath better after Heart Failure if have enough vitamin D - Dec 2010
  29. Cholesterol and African Americans
  30. 1000 IU vit D reduces cardiovascular risk but Calcium does not
  31. Even 1000 IU Vit D may reduce risk of CVD
  32. Unsure about vit D and CVD
  33. Need at least 43 ng and 2000 IU vit D to reduce CVD risk
  34. Treating Vitamin D Deficiency Significantly Reduces Heart Disease Risk
  35. Vitamin D deficiency and myocardial diseases
  36. IOM Table 1 Vit D primary studies
  37. IOM Table 2 Primary Calcium studies
  38. IOM Table 3 primary Vit D and Calcium studies
  39. IOM table 9 vit D and cardiovascular RCT
  40. IOM table of contents and list of tables
  41. An estimate of the economic burden and premature deaths due to vitamin D deficiency in Canada
  42. Vitamin D deficiency and myocardial diseases
  43. The virtues of vitamin D—but how much is too much
  44. The virtues of vitamin D—but how much is too much?
  45. Vitamin D, Adiposity, and Calcified Atherosclerotic Plaque in African-Americans
  46. Lack of vitamin D may cause CVD - poster may 2010
  47. Blood pressure reduce by Vit D Heaney May 2010
  48. Does Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Hypertension?
  49. Vitamin D role in Peripheral artery disease - Nov 2010.pdf
  50. Vitamin D important for cardiovascular health - Sept 2010.pdf

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