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  1. UV Index guide by US Weather Bureau - 2010.pdf
  2. UV narrowband not as good as broadband for Psoraisis - 2010 D.pdf
  3. Hypothesis uva cause melanoma - 2009.pdf
  4. impact of air polution on vitamin D - Mar 2011.pdf
  5. Study of Vitamin D3 from UV lamps - Aug 2010.pdf
  6. tanningbeds bone and vitaminD - 2009.pdf
  7. UV and Disease - WHO 2006.PDF
  8. Snowbird RVers get constant amount of UV
  9. UVB US via NASA Toms Satellite 2010.pdf
  10. Solar UVB and US Cancer - 2006.pdf
  11. Ozone hole uva uvb.jpg
  12. Action spectra for vitamin D production - 2010.pdf
  13. Vitamin D deficiency- a worldwide problem - April 2008.pdf
  14. Study of D3 from UV lamps - Aug 2010.pdf
  15. Sunbed and vit D RCT
  16. Low UVB assocated with type 1 diabetes
  17. Why Do Cats Lick Themselves.
  18. UV causes temporary blindness
  19. UVB only in middle of the day
  20. Possibility of Overdose from UVB narrowband
  21. Get the vit D from UVB in short time,
  22. UVB suppresses skin immunity
  23. UVB better than Vit D supplements for pet reptiles
  24. Wrinkles and UVB
  25. The known health effects of UV from WHO
  26. Protect Your Eyes From UV Radiation
  27. US UV map
  28. Suntan lotion UVA UVB
  29. UVB Nova Scotia Canada over entire year with clouds
  30. UV graphs for entire year at several latitudes
  31. UV index on world map
  32. UV spectrum of sunbeds and sun
  33. UV bulb spectrum
  34. UV Index for Seattle
  35. 25 Hydroxyvitamin D cholesterol and ultraviolet
  36. Predicting ambient ultraviolet from routine
  37. Solar Ultraviolet Radiation AND Vitamin D
  38. Sunbeds as Vitamin D Sources
  40. Detection of Multidecadal Changes in UVB and Total Ozone
  41. Narrow band UVB increases vitamin D of women in winter
  42. UVB RADIATION Definition and Characteristics
  43. Addressing the health benefits and risks involving vitamin D
  44. Estimating the global disease burden due to ultraviolet radiation exposure
  45. UV graphs for entire year at several latitudes
  46. UV and skin color on same global map
  47. UVB and bladder cancer in 174 countries
  48. Ultraviolet B Irradiance and Incidence Rates of Bladder Cancer in 174 Countries
  49. Chaney UV Meter
  50. UVB increase in past 30 years

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