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Vitamin D supplementation is associated with slower epigenetic aging - May 2022

Vitamin D supplementation is associated with slower epigenetic aging

GeroScience https://doi.org/10.1007/s11357-022-00581-9
Valentin Max Vetter • Yasmine Sommerer, Christian Humberto Kalies • Dominik Spira •, Lars Bertram • Ilja Demuth

Study summary by vitaminDWiki

1,000 seniors living in Berlin

  • Took 5 gene aging tests and a Vitamin D test
  • 7 years passed
  • Again took the same 5 gene aging tests and a Vitamin D test

Some of the Germans who had been deficient (<20 ng) supplemented got to >30 ng
The ("treated") aged more slowly (a negative score) than those who did not supplement
For most of the tests, they aged even less than those who had been > 30 ng
For all of the tests, they aged less (more negative scores) than those who remained deficient

Adverse effects of low vitamin D level on mortality and morbidity are controversially discussed. Especially older people are at risk for vitamin D deficiency and therefore exposed to its potentially harmful consequences. A way of measuring differences in the biological age is through DNA methylation age (DNAm age) and its deviation from chronological age, DNAm age acceleration (DNAmAA). We previously reported on an association between vitamin D deficiency and higher 7-CpG DNAmAA in participants of the Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II). In this study, we employ a quasi-interventional study design to assess the relationship between DNAmAA of five epigenetic clocks and vitamin

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Vitamin D and Omega-3 may reverse epigenetic aging - Drs. Patrick and Horvath video May 2022

Dr. Steve Horvath on epigenetic aging to predict healthspan: the DNA PhenoAge and GrimAge clocks
Note: Horvath is the name of one of the aging clocks in the German study

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