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VITAMIN D: Public Shouldn’t Wait For Doctors To Usher In New “Golden Era” Of Preventive Medicine

Bill Sardi does not premit the reposting of his excellent material Aug 2014

However, here are his section headings
Vitamin D: the moral test for modern medicine
What is a healthy blood level?
Vitamin D shortage: dark-skinned individuals suffer most
Universal blood testing
What about risk of overdosing?
Latest vitamin D science is compelling
Test a whole country
Big Pharma likely to drag its feet
Expect to hear about negative to null studies
Humanity took a giant step backwards when penicillin was first adopted
A culture in modern medicine that shuns vitamin therapy
What dosage?
Will the public adopt vitamin D? Don’t count on it
Real progress in modern medicine

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Restore the benefits of sun/vitamin D - do not wait a century for doctors and governments to endorse it again.

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Sunlight for babies – US Govt 1933 Govt had endorsed sunshine