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The Greatest Public Health Mistake of the 20th Century (sunscreen block Vitamin D) - 2017

Mercola May 2017

  • "The recommendation to avoid sun exposure and always use sunblock when outdoors may be the greatest public health mistake of the 20th century
  • "Previous research has found vitamin D may prevent 30 deaths for each death caused by skin cancer"
  • "Dermatologists Make No Allowances for Skin Color"
  • "Sunscreens May Sabotage Health in More Ways Than One"
    "Only two of 10 melanoma studies found that sunscreen was protective against this condition; three found no association either way. None found sunscreen use protected against basal cell carcinoma

Dermatoligists amazingly continue to say that you should wear sunscreen every day of the year - April 2021

Daily photoprotection to prevent photoaging
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FDA Admits Most Sunscreens Are Probably Unsafe Mercola March 2019

  • "Of the 16 active sunscreen ingredients used in products on the U.S. market, only two — non-nano-sized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — have been deemed safe for human use by the FDA"
  • FDA admits scientific data are lacking for 12 active sunscreen ingredients on its list, and asks industry to help in providing more data in order to perform a “rigorous assessment” of all active ingredients on the market"
  • "One of the 12 active sunscreen ingredients the FDA claims to be unsure about is oxybenzone, found in an estimated 70 percent of sunscreens. Evidence suggests oxybenzone is an endocrine disruptor, and it is known to decimate coral reefs and harm aquatic life"
  • "Research shows 13 of 29 sunscreen chemicals (45 percent) allowed in the U.S. and/or European Union have the ability to reduce male fertility by affecting calcium signaling in sperm, in part by exerting a progesterone-like effect"

  • ...FDA wants sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher to provide broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, not just UVB as is currently the case."
  • "Many Sunscreen Ingredients Have Endocrine Disrupting Effects"

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