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Swedish TV Warns 'Dark-Skinned' People, Muslims of Vitamin D Deficiency - Dec 2018

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"A 2015 study in Borlänge, Sahra's home town, found that 9 out of 10 pregnant Somali women in Sweden suffer from severe vitamin D deficiency, which, coupled with other risk factors, can contribute to a child developing autism. Incidentally, this diagnosis is three to four times more common among children with Somali background, "

"The number of Muslims living in Sweden has been estimated at around 800,000, or roughly 8 percent of Sweden's population of about 10 million"

  1. Dark-skinned people have low levels of Vitamin D
  2. Wearing concealing clothes lowers the vitamin D levels
  3. Moving away from a sunny climate lowers the vitamin D levels
  4. Becoming pregnant lowers vitamin D levels the vitamin D levels
  5. In addition to the above: Vitamin D levels have been crashing in recent decades

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