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Instant, low-cost Vitamin D test kits available - UK Amazon - April 2021

4 testers as of April



  1. This test indicates if your vitamin D level >35 ng
  2. Amazon rarely ships health products outside of their country
  3. Amazons in Germany, India, and Canada do not stock it.
  4. I believe that over 1 million of these testers are been sold around the world
  5. As of April 2021 this test has still not been approved by the FDA for sale in the US

Instant vitamin D Yes-No test now available (2014)

Instructions made by VitaminDWiki for Test4D

  1. TWIST off the end of the pink/white lancet holder
  2. APPLY lancet hole to the side of a finger and PRESS the device against your finger
    • Pressing with about a 1 lb force will activate the single-use lancet/needle)
  3. APPLY the pointy end of the pipette to the resulting blood
    • (The blood will go into the pipette all by itself)
  4. PLACE pipette in the square hole and PRESS bulb to force the blood out
  5. PUT 7 drops of reagent chemical in the round hole,
  6. LOOK for red lines after WAITING for 10 minutes (shade of red does not matter)
    • Two red lines = low vitamin D
    • One red line = good level of vitamin D (> 35 ng)

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