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Mother and father on trial for infant death – set free – death was due to rickets – Dec 2011

The London Criminal Courts Solicitors' Association Dec 2011

Infant boy died at age 4 months.
Parents charged with murder
After 2 1/2 years of waiting and 6 weeks of trial they are finally free to grieve for their child
The autopsy had found Rickets
Pathologist wonders how many of the 27 other infant autopsies had missed rickets over the past few years..
A consultant orthopaedic surgeon last year found that more than 20 % of children tested for bone problems in Southampton (UK) showed signs of rickets.

BBC update Jan 24, 2012 found vitamin D deficiency associated with 30 infants deaths

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Cumulative Benefit Blood level and notes Co-factors
(see list)
Calcium $*/year
400 + less infant rickets
+ 3X less adolescent Schizophrenia
+ fewer child seizures
<30 ng/ml Not needed No effect $3
2000 + More likely to get pregnant naturally or via IVF
+ fewer dental problems with pregnancy
+ 8X less diabetes
+ 4X fewer C-sections (>37 ng)
+ 4X less preeclampsia (40 ng vs 10 ng)
+ 5X less child asthma
42 ng/ml Desirable < 750 mg $12
  • Fewer than 40% of infants got 400 IU of vitamin D - The amount recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics

A June 2010 study which includes the following graph, found that MANY children do not even get 200 IU

   and NONE of the children got more than 480 IU
from Dietary Guidelines for Americans vitamin D - June 2010

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