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Hospital has banned Dr. Holick due to testifying in cases of infants with broken bones- August, 2021

Dr. Holick has been banned from his and other hospitals due to his defense of parents with infants with broken bones.

His hypothesis is that many such cases are due to genetic defects in parents passed on to children.

Prosecuting attorneys do not like it that he often wins against them. He is suing the hospital to reverse their decision.

Here is the Go Fund Me to support his defense

Email Aug 13 - His descripition of a case he recently testified on

Eight-week-old infant presented with upper respiratory tract infection and an x-ray revealed what was considered to be 2 rib fractures that were healing at the costochondral junctions. A skeletal survey revealed four additional fractures in the legs. The x-ray report stated that the fractures in the legs were corner/bucket-handle fractures at the growth plate of the lower femurs and upper tibias. These are not fractures but rather what are known as classic metaphyseal lesions which are radiolucencies at the growth plate. A blood level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D was 9.7 ng/mL and the infant had a normal serum calcium level. The pediatric endocrinologist testified that although the infant was vitamin D deficient that there was no need to treat the infant for vitamin D deficiency since the infant's calcium was normal and therefore the vitamin D deficiency was having no effect on the skeleton. I also determined that the mother had Ehlers Danlos syndrome and that the infant had many of the symptoms associated with this genetic disorder.

The x-ray findings with hypertrophy at the costochondral junctions is consistent with vitamin D deficiency i.e. the cause for the rachitic rosary, and was misinterpreted as healing fractures. When you hear four fractures in the legs you would likely conclude that this is horrific and has to have been caused by child abuse. The child abuse pediatricians have been taught based on 1 publication that classic metaphyseal lesions (corner/bucket-handle fractures) can only be caused by tugging and twisting of arms and legs caused by child abuse. In fact these radiolucencies were seen in the skeleton more than 100 years ago and were related to vitamin D deficiency rickets.

Based on the history of the so-called fractures in the 8-week-old infant and with the so-called expert pediatric endocrinologist saying that a blood level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D of 9.7 ng/mL is having no consequences on the fetal skeleton, the judge is in the process of determining whether or not to return the infant to the parents along with their 3-year-old child who was also removed from their care even though there was no evidence that that child had any fractures or any evidence of being abused.

Dr. Holicks email on this topic - Aug 4, 2021
Thank you for your concern. Any help and support would be most appreciated.
I believe once investigated that I have become involved in what will be the worst ever medical scandal perpetrated by a segment of the medical community on the most innocent of innocence; infants being removed from their loving parents care.

This is because of lack of knowledge about metabolic bone disease by pediatricians who make the diagnosis of child abuse solely based on an x-ray demonstrating a fracture or fractures. After ruling out rare metabolic causes like hypophosphatasia and hypophosphatemic rickets and with a negative genetic test for osteogenesis imperfecta they will therefore make the diagnosis of nonaccidental trauma i.e. child abuse as the cause for the fracture or fractures.

They totally disregard vitamin D deficiency and rickets as a potential cause as well as Ehlers Danlos syndrome which is well documented to be associated with fragility fractures.
You can go to my website for more information
http:/theehlersdanlosproject.com and where I present what I consider to be my smoking gun case of a mom who I diagnosed as having EDS and her male fetus in utero had 23 fractures demonstrated by high resolution ultrasonography, including both arms and both legs and several ribs among other fractured bones. He had a negative genetic test for OI. We did whole genome sequencing and identified genes that are the likely cause for his bone fragility.

I have filed a complaint against the hospital and a preliminary injunction. I am hoping to hear about the preliminary injunction within the next few weeks.
- - - - - -
His website includes a link to
"Multiple fractures in infants who have Ehlers-Danlos/hypermobility syndrome and or vitamin D deficiency: A case series of 72 infants whose parents were accused of child abuse and neglect" Feb 2017 PDF

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