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Vitamin D and the Athlete – a complex problem – June 2019


Sports Science Exchange (2019) Vol. 29, No. 191, 1-5
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A few of their many wrong beliefs

  • They believe that 30 ng of vitamin D to be enough
  • They believe that only a single gene can block Vitamin D in blood from getting to the tissues
  • People do not meed more than 4,000 IU

Overview Sports and vitamin D has the following summary

Athletes are helped by vitamin D by:

  1. Faster reaction time
  2. Far fewer colds/flus during the winter
  3. Less sore/tired after a workout
  4. Fewer micro-cracks and broken bones
  5. Bones which do break heal much more quickly
  6. Increased VO2 and exercise endurance Feb 2011
  7. Indoor athletes especially need vitamin D
  8. Professional indoor athletes are starting to take vitamin D and/or use UV beds
  9. Olympic athletes have used UV/vitamin D since the 1930's
  10. The biggest gain from the use of vitamin D is by those who exercise less than 2 hours per day.
  11. Reduced muscle fatigue with 10,000 IU vitamin D daily
  12. Muscle strength improved when vitamin D added: 3 Meta-analysis
  13. Reduced Concussions
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Sports category starts with

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Sports benefits from up to 50 ng (click on chart for details)
Sports benefit up to 50 ng @ /is.gd/Vitdsports
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VitaminDWiki had a booth at Vitamin D Workshop May 2019 has the following

4,000 IU of Vitamin D is OK - 19 organizations agree - 2018
Institute of Medicine
Endocrine Society, Vitamin D Council
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
American Academy of Dev. Medicine and Dentistry
Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (UK)
European Food Safety Authority
Central Europe consensus
Italian Endocrinologists, Italian Consensus
Nutrition - French Society of Paediatrics
European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology ....
European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteo...
The Nordic Council of Ministers
Health Council of the Netherlands

48 scientists also endorse 40-60 ng
Details at VitaminDWiki page
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Details at VitaminDWiki page
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Vitamin D Myths - SUN

  • 10 minutes is enough
  • Same amount of vitamin D generated in each portion of skin
  • No Vitamin D from the winter sun
  • Should limit time in the sun to reduce cancer
    • Nope - low exposure will INCREASE total cancer by 50X
  • Same IU of Vitamin D to everyone from the sun
    • Nope - 4X difference between individuals,
      • without considering additional differences due to skin color, age, obesity, etc.
  • Sunscreen decreases Skin Cancer
    • Nope - and sunscreen often INCREASES Skin cancer by being in sun too long
  • Short URL= is.gd/MythsSun

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Vitamin D Myths - DOSE

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