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Opportunity: Enhance Workplace Wellness programs with Vitamin D

Exclusive: 'Workplace wellness' fails bottom line, waistlines - RAND May 2013: highlights

  • Workplace Wellness is a $6 billion industry with 500 vendors - such as Emerick Consulting (Tom Emerick)
  • 51% of all big US employers now have Workplace Wellness programs
  • Little observable benefit in weight loss, cholesterol reduction, time off from work, health costs, etc.
  • Medium to large companies spend $521 per employee per year and get a net savings of only $29
  • No statistically significant decreases in cost and use of emergency department and hospital care
  • Only 2 % of employers had precise savings estimates

PDF of Rand Study of Workplace Wellness is attached at the bottom of this page

Diversity of Incentives


Types of Incentives


Benefits to employers


Types of Screening


Incentives vs behavior change


Benefits of increasing Vitamin D in employees and their families

SHORT TERM = Quick Return on investment
Reduced Sick Leave - for employee or due to family
Improved on-job productivity - few aches, colds, (difficult to measure)
Reduced pregnancy costs - fewer complications, sick infant,
Reduced time to recover from surgery
Employee not lost due to health problems/death (large cost to train a replacement)

Probably start with the "low hanging fruit"
= employees at high risk of being vitamin D deficient
= belongs to at least one of the following

Back-of-the-envelope: 5X Return on Investment per family-year for high-risk empolyees in short term

Cost $100: vitamin D, cofactors, education, progam management
Benefit $500

See also VitaminDWiki

See also web

Short url = http://is.gd/Dwellness

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