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Epstein-Barr is yet another virus that deactivates the Vitamin D receptor (COVID later suspected as well)– 2010

Epstein-Barr virus encoded EBNA-3 binds to vitamin D receptor and blocks activation of its target genes

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences volume 67, pages4249–4256 (2010) DOI 10.1007/s00018-010-0441-4
Surya Pavan Yenamandra, Ulf Hellman, Bettina Kempkes, Suhas Deoram Darekar, Sabine Petermann, Tom Sculley, George Klein & Elena Kashuba

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Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a human gamma herpes virus that infects B cells and induces their transformation into immortalized lymphoblasts that can grow as cell lines (LCLs) in vitro. EBNA-3 is a member of the EBNA-3-protein family that can regulate transcription of cellular and viral genes. The identification of EBNA-3 cellular partners and a study of its influence on cellular pathways are important for understanding the transforming action of the virus. In this work, we have identified the vitamin D receptor (VDR) protein as a binding partner of EBNA-3. We found that EBNA3 blocks the activation of VDR-dependent genes and protects LCLs against vitamin-D3-induced growth arrest and/or apoptosis. The presented data shed some light on the anti-apoptotic EBV program and the role of the EBNA-3-VDR interaction in the viral strategy.

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