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Cancer in children (Leukemia) more likely to recur if 20-30 ng of vitamin D – Nov 2022

Vitamin D abnormalities of children with recurrence of malignancy and comparison with newly diagnosed patients

Caspian J Intern Med . 2022 Fall;13(4):735-740. doi: 10.22088/cjim.13.4.735.
Nahid Reisi 1 , Azar Mirzaei 2 , Alireza Moafi 1 , Pouran Raeissi 3 , Maryam Naghdhassani 4

A = Leukemia recur, B = new Leukemia, C = Healthy
Background: Vitamin D (Vit-D) is a necessary ingredient for human growth and its deficiency may increase the risk of cancer and its recurrence. The main purpose of this research was to assess the levels of Vit-D in children with recurrence of malignancy and compare it with new cases of malignancy and the control group.

Methods: The status of 25(OH) Vit-D was determined utilizing the HPLC method in 47 patients with recurrence of malignancy (group A), 50 children with new malignancy (group B ) and 49 normal healthy siblings of the two groups as a control (group C).

Results: Vit-D was low (<30 ng/ml) in the 92% of patients with recurrence of malignancy, which was a significant difference compared to groups B (60%) and C (45%). Vit-D insufficiency (10-30 ng/dl) in group A was also higher than the other two groups. The mean levels of Vit-D in patients with recurrence were significantly lower than the new cases and controls. Low Vit-D (<30 ng/ml) in group A in both male and female, and also in all ages (<6 and ≥ 6 years) was higher than groups B and C. Also, low Vit-D in terms of the type of malignancy in group A was higher than group B only in leukemic patients while this was not different for non-leukemic patients in these two groups.

Conclusion: Results of this study showed an increased prevalence of low Vit-D in children with recurrence of malignancies. Therefore, it may increase the risk of recurrence of malignancies in children.

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