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VitaminDWiki News for April 2013

Top new VitaminDWiki pages along major update to Cofactors
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Possible breakthru: Vitamin D CURE Multiple Sclerosis: need confirmation

Yes, infants need much more vitamin D than they are getting, with mom and infant indoors so much

Single studies, interesting, but need confirmation

Confirmation of what has been suspected for several years

Do Roundup and Vitamin D interact?

Further confirmation vitamin D information

Cofactors are very important to: 1) Increase the response to vitamin D,   2) Ensure that Calcium does not go into wrong locations

Cofactor How Much Benefit Bone CommentsSupplementation by admin of VitaminDWiki - April 2013Cents per day
Calcium <750mg Yes Avoid getting too much bioavail 0* = None: get from healthy food 0
Magnesium 500mg Yes Very important, bio-availability3/4 teaspoon of pico Magnesium daily63
Vitamin K2>100 ug Yes perhaps 100 ug/1000 IU of vit D 5mg K- 2 every 3rd day33
Vitamin A ? maybeneed some, but too much is bad 0* 0
Boron 5-10mg Yes 0* 0
Silica ? Yes 0* 0
Strontium Yes rarely available in a cofactor pillnone - get from healthy food0
Zinc ? ? 0* 0
Not cofactor
Omega-32 gNo helps health alot
May increase active D
3 grams Coromega daily80
Vitamin D2,000-15,000Yes 12,000 IU avg daily (50,000 every 4 days)6

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Genes and vitamin D receptors appear to play a strong role in vitamin D related diseases
Magnesium appears to be the most important thing to take with vitamin D
Low Iron may result in low vitamin D (Pregnant women, Vegetarians)
Learning about other supplements
Proof that Vitamin D works keeps on coming it 27 health problems so far
Vitamin D protects skin
Sports people around the world are starting to benefit from vitamin D
Cancers and Vitamin D
Vitamin D Presentations and summaries
Major Health Problems with low vitamin D
Minor Health Problems with low vitamin D
Medical Organizations are very very slowly accepting vitamin D
Cost of Vitamin D, the capsule, the cofactors, and cost of living longer
Vitamin D2 continues to look bad
Additional ways to encourage the use of vitamin D
How much vitamin D

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VitaminDWiki News for April 2013        
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