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Estimated cost savings of getting most Canadians to 40 ng of Vitamin D - 2016

Considering: Increasing the vitamin D level of all Canadians to 40 ng would save 6 to 18 billion dollars a year – Grant Nov 2016

It estimated at the medical cost savings from just 7 health problems by an average of 20%

  • Cancer, Cardiovascular, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Respiratory infections

Since there were 36 million Canadians at the time, the medical cost savings would have been $166 to $500 per person
Adjusting for inflation from 2016 to 2023 by 1.27 X
Range of medical cost savings for getting to 40 ng of vitamin D in 2023 dollars is $210 to $635 per person

Vitamin D has been proven to reduce another 21 health problems

  • Asthma, Gut, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Sepsis, Dental, Back Pain, Allergy, Depression, colds, Pregnancy (pre-term, miscarriage, stillbirth, reduced IVF @ $150/birth), flu, faster surgery recovery, Stroke, COPD, Obesity.

We conservatively assume that decreasing these 21 health will decrease the medical cost by 20%: $252 to $762

We assume that increasing the vitamin D level from 40 ng to > 60 ng would decrease medical costs by another 20% $320 to $914

$200/year total cost for supplementation
$80/year Vitamin D (various dose sizes and types), Vitamin K2, and Magnesium (retail prices) all are retail prices
$10/year Vitamin D tests (1 every 4 years on average) ($40 retail price)
$130/year distribution, updating database, marketing, education, misc
Thus the Return on Investment ranges from 1.6X to 4.5X

The ROI DOES NOT consider non-medical cost savings from additional Vitamin D:


  • reduced sick leave,
  • improved productivity due to fewer headaches, colds, flu, obesity,
  • reduced need to hire and train a replacement employee (if the employee died or was disabled)


  • reduced cost of medical travel
  • reduced expensive drugs
  • increased income (was not disabled)
  • less time spent on caregiving (which sometimes requires quitting their job)


  • reduction in # of people on disability (8% of Icelanders are on disability)
  • increased taxes for people fully engaged in work vs. on disability

The ROI DOES NOT consider the cost savings due to Magnesium or Vitamin K2

Magnesium reduces
Hypertension, stress, headaches, diabetes, restless legs, hip fracture, heart disease, constipation
Vitamin K2-7 reduces
Bone Fractures, Cardiovascular, Breast Cancer

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