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Preemies with poor lungs (Respiratory distress syndrome) have low levels of vitamin D – Nov 2017

Journal of the Chinese Medical Association, online 9 Nov 2017, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcma.2017.07.011
Yang Yang, Yun Feng, Xu Chen, Xiao-nan Mao, Jing-han Zhang, Li Zhao, You-yan Zhao, Rui Cheng,

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Background: There hasn't been conclusive proof about the association between vitamin D and pulmonary morbidities of prematurity.

Methods: 106 preterm infants were retrospectively included into this study. Clinical data and blood samples of all the patients were collected within 24 h of admission.


  • (1) Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) patients were mainly concentrated in “≤30 weeks” stage when compared with other two gestational age groups. The only significant decrease of vitamin D concentration between RDS and non-RDS patients reflected in “≤30 weeks” stage (RDS vs. non-RDS: 29.48 ± 13.06 vs. 40.47 ± 20.52 nmol/l).
  • (2) __Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD))) patients were also concentrated in “≤30 weeks” stage. Vitamin D concentration showed significant difference both in “≤30 weeks” stage and “30–34 weeks” stage (≤30 weeks stage, BPD vs. non-BPD: 33.20 ± 16.51 vs. 39.21 ± 16.65 nmol/l; 30–34 weeks stage, BPD vs. non-BPD: 30.36 ± 15.50 vs. 41.21 ± 20.40 nmol/l).
  • (3) Though vitamin D concentration in Mechanical ventilation (MV) group was lower than non-MV group, there're no significant differences.
  • (4) Vitamin D concentration in dead cases was significant lower than survival patients at discharge.
  • (5) It showed a good correlation between vitamin D concentration and serum Ca, serum P, duration of MV and duration of oxygen support in “≤30 weeks” stage.

The significant decrease of vitamin D concentration between RDS and non-RDS patients only reflected in “≤30 weeks” stage. And significant decrease of vitamin D concentration in BPD patients was both showed in “≤30 weeks” stage and “30–34 weeks” stage, which is consistent with “duration of oxygen support”. However, the overall effect did not show any difference in all preterm infants. It seems that the appropriate concentration of vitamin D is beneficial to lung maturation of human. Certainly, large sample, multi-center randomized controlled trials are necessary.

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