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Multiple sclerosis - Dr. Coimbra Video in Portuguese concerning big pharma - May 2019

YouTube Starts about 15 minutes 35 minutes long

"Dr. Cicero talks about how the pharmaceutical industry calls multiple sclerosis patients from "Therapeutic market":

""A indústria farmacêutica espera ganhar, apenas com a esclerose múltipla em 2024 quase 25 bilhões de dólares, e está chamando os investidores para comprar ações. Eles chamam os pacientes com EM de "mercado terapêutico da esclerose múltipla". No ano passado o Brasil gastou com medicamentos biológicos o número astronômica de 2.8 bilhões de dólares. Em um único ano, um país, pagou a 3 EMPRESAS DE MEDICAMENTOS DE ALTO CUSTO 2.8 bilhões de dólares."
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"The pharmaceutical industry expects to gain, with multiple sclerosis alone in 2024 nearly $ 25 billion, and is calling on investors to buy stocks." They call MS patients a "therapeutic market for multiple sclerosis." with biologic drugs, the astronomical figure of $ 2.8 billion. In one year, a country paid $ 2.8 billion to high-priced drugs.

  • "Biological medicines, which have side effects that can kill. But it's okay if the patient dies, the pharmaceutical industry is protected by the package leaflet, with a huge list of side effects, which includes sudden death. And nothing happens, because she's protected from a legal point of view.""