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Some Breast Cancers only last for 2 years, then go away all by themselves - Jan 2019

Yes, Breast Cancer Can (And Often Does) Spontaneously Regress: Confirmed by Case Reports and Meta-Analyses GreenMedInfo

Yes, breast cancer incidence has increased for reasons which include
Less Vitamin D
Less Iodine
Increased Folate (US bread has been fortified with Folate since 1998)

But, just because Breast Cancer is detected does not mean that it will grow.
Some times it shrinks and goes away without any surgery, chemo, etc

  • "Powerful Meta-Analyses of the Breast Cancer Literature Show Spontaneous Regression of Tumors Not Uncommon"

  • "“Because the cumulative incidence among controls did not reach that of the screened group, we believe that many invasive breast cancers detected by repeated mammography screening do not persist to be detected by screening at the end of 6 years, suggesting that the natural course of many of the screen-detected invasive breast cancers is to spontaneously regress.”"
  • Wisconsin Breast Cancer Epidemiology Simulation Model...uses a stochastic simulation to replicate breast cancer incidence and mortality rates in the US population during the period 1975 through 2000, when screening was introduced. To fit the observed statistics, it was necessary to postulate that approximately 40% of initiated breast cancers fell in a class of so-called limited malignant potential, ie, tumors that “progress to a maximum of approximately 1-cm diameter, dwell at this size for 2 years, and then regress if undetected.”
  • "The takeaway here is to be exceedingly careful of overdiagnosis and overtreatment, as well as with accepting uncritically the prognoses of the conventional medical system which are so powerful that they create something of a curse (medical hex) and/or self-fulfilling prophecy. "

VitaminDWiki suspects that breast cancer remission occurs more often with high level of vitamin D__

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Overview Breast Cancer and Vitamin D contains the following summary and sections

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