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Prediabetic have very different gut bacteria – March 2015

Prediabetes Patients Have Fewer Gut Bugs MedPageToday

News Release for Endocrinology Conference
Significant Differences in Fecal Microbiota Are Associated with Various Stages of Glucose Tolerance in African-American Male Veterans

African American men divided into 4 groups

  1. stable glucose tolerance,
  2. stable impaired fasting glucose
    or stable impaired glucose tolerance,
  3. worsened glucose tolerance
  4. improved glucose tolerance.

There were significant differences in bacterial composition between the first and second groups (P=0.03) at the phylum level. Bacteroidetes was higher and Firmicutes was lower with worse glycemic control in the second group.

The Bacteroidetes/Firmicutes ratio was 1.9 versus 0.9 in group 1 and 2 (P=0.01) and 1.9 versus 1.1 in group 1 and 3 (P=0.04).
Proteobacteria decreased over the period in groups 2 and 4 compared to group 1 (P=0.04 for both).
At the family and genus levels, in group 2 versus group 1 there was less Prevotella, and a higher Bacteroides/Prevotella ratio in the second group at 5.6 to 2.7 (P=0.05). There was also less Enterobacteriacea (P=0.03), and more Ruminococcae (P=0.01) and Veillonelacea (P=0.02).

"We speculate that lower abundance of Prevotella may be associated with worsening glycemia, and conversely higher abundance of Akkermansia might be associated with improving glycemia, thus corroborating suggestions from previous studies,"

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