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Good gut diversity if Ultraviolet Light or if supplement with Vitamin D– Oct 2019

Exposure to Sunlight Boosts Good Gut Microbiome Bacteria, and Vitamin D Levels

  • “The results of the study confirmed that skin UVB exposure significantly increased gut microbial diversity, but only in the 12 subjects who were not taking vitamin D supplementation.”
  • “UVB exposure boosted the richness and evenness of their microbiome to levels indistinguishable from the supplemented group, whose microbiome was not significantly changed.”

The Study: Skin Exposure to Narrow Band Ultraviolet (UVB) Light Modulates the Human Intestinal Microbiome

 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

Change in Vitamin D levels when UVB was added

Note: Some who had high level of Vitamin D before had no change or even reduced levels after UVB

More of a species if higher Vitamin D (UVB or supplement)


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