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Let 1000 die from vitamin D deficiency rather than incur 1 lawsuit

In general, good actions which

  • help lots of people are not rewarded,
  • hurt even a tiny number of people will result in lawsuits by those hurt
  • decrease the size/power of an establishment are rejected by that establishment

Example of a good action: Increase vitamin D

  • Will prevent many people from suffering/dying of many diseases in the column at the left
  • Might cause suffering/death to rare individuals
  • Could decrease the size of the medical establishment

Increasing the vitamin D levels of a country will result in:

  • Saving thousands of peoples lives or reduce their reduce their suffering
  • Cause suffering and in rare cases death of a few people
    Doctors, organizations might incur lawsuits
  • Also - reduced business for doctors
    Example: In 2012 a doctor went out of business after getting all of his patients vitamin D levels to 80 ng
    Average visit per patient dropped from 4 per year down to 1
    The high level of vitamin D was great for his patients, lousy for his business
    Vitamin D would also reduce business for labs, clinics, drug manufacturers, pharmacists, etc.


  1. Vitamin D should be great for Health Maintence Organizations (HMOs)
    HMOs will continue to get income, but will have far fewer expenses
  2. Potential of lawsuits if vitamin D is not increased by your doctor
    Increased liability exposure
  3. Vitamin D fortification is especially hard for people which can have problems with extra vitamin D
    Increasing increase vitamin D back to where it had been 40 years before can cause problems

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