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Fasting and Diabetes both reduce Vitamin D activation (CYP2R1 in rodents) – May 2019

Fasting-Induced Transcription Factors Repress Vitamin D Bioactivation, a Mechanism for Vitamin D Deficiency in Diabetes.

Diabetes. 2019 May;68(5):918-931. doi: 10.2337/db18-1050
Aatsinki SM1,2,3, Elkhwanky MS1,2, Kummu O1,2, Karpale M1,2, Buler M1,2, Viitala P1, Rinne V3, Mutikainen M4, Tavi P4, Franko A5,6,7, Wiesner RJ5, Chambers KT8, Finck BN8, Hakkola J9,2.


It appears in this study that Vitamin D activation in rodents is temporarily lowered by 50% by a 12 hour fast

Overview Diabetes and vitamin D contains the following

  • Diabetes is 5X more frequent far from the equator
  • Children getting 2,000 IU of vitamin D are 8X less likely to get Type 1 diabetes
  • Obese people get less sun / Vitamin D - and also vitamin D gets lost in fat
  • Sedentary people get less sun / Vitamin D
  • Worldwide Diabetes increase has been concurrent with vitamin D decrease and air conditioning
  • Elderly get 4X less vitamin D from the same amount of sun
        Elderly also spend less time outdoors and have more clothes on
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Vitamin D appears to both prevent and treat diabetes

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50 ng of Vitamin D fights Diabetes

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Diabetic Epidemic

  • Step back to 1994. Suppose an epidemic struck the United States, causing blindness, kidney failure, and leg amputations in steadily increasing numbers.
    Suppose that in less than a decade's time, the epidemic had victimized one out of every eight people
    That epidemic is real, and its name is diabetes, now the nation's sixth leading cause of death.
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Low 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels correlate with the prevalence of diabetes; however, the mechanisms remain uncertain. Here, we show that nutritional deprivation-responsive mechanisms regulate vitamin D metabolism. Both fasting and diabetes suppressed hepatic cytochrome P450 (CYP) 2R1, the main vitamin D 25-hydroxylase responsible for the first bioactivation step. Overexpression of coactivator peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ coactivator 1-α (PGC-1α), induced physiologically by fasting and pathologically in diabetes, resulted in dramatic downregulation of CYP2R1 in mouse hepatocytes in an estrogen-related receptor α (ERRα)-dependent manner. However, PGC-1α knockout did not prevent fasting-induced suppression of CYP2R1 in the liver, indicating that additional factors contribute to the CYP2R1 repression. Furthermore, glucocorticoid receptor (GR) activation repressed the liver CYP2R1, suggesting GR involvement in the regulation of CYP2R1. GR antagonist mifepristone partially prevented CYP2R1 repression during fasting, suggesting that glucocorticoids and GR contribute to the CYP2R1 repression during fasting. Moreover, fasting upregulated the vitamin D catabolizing CYP24A1 in the kidney through the PGC-1α-ERRα pathway.
Our study uncovers a molecular mechanism for vitamin D deficiency in diabetes and reveals a novel negative feedback mechanism that controls crosstalk between energy homeostasis and the vitamin D pathway.

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