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Women around the world want whiter skin

Many reasons why vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic Aug 2012

  • Want whiter skin - especially women
    Here and Here (Helen of Troy) and Being Fair-Skinned in Today's World
    Suntan: Popularity is fading
    Perhaps not burn from the sun if have enough vitamin D
  • Thai vulva-bleaching product Sept 2012
    In many countries across south-east Asia, fairer skin has long been equated with higher class as it suggests a life not spent toiling in rice paddies under the sun. The Thai language is peppered with cultural expressions that denigrate dark skin, such as the insult dam mhuen e-ga – "black like a crow". These days, rice farmers wear long sleeves, trousers, wide-brimmed hats and gloves
    Using pale Korean and Japanese pop stars as illustrations, Thai women's magazines are full of fair-skinned Asians promoting products that promise to whiten, lighten and "boost" the complexion, with slogans such as "Show off your aura" and "Get to know the miracle of white skin". Fair-skinned actors and singers dominate the media nearly all over the Asia-Pacific region

Some women in China want whiter skin even while going to the beach - 2012

Ski mask on beach in China - 2012.jpg

Long, interesting article - with many videos - 2016

The-global-pursuit-of-whiter-skin Dailykos May 2016

  • "77% of Nigerian women bleach, followed by Togo with 59% while South Africa with 35%; and Mali at 25%,"
  • "Skin bleaching is also very popular in Caribbean countries like the Dominican Republic "

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