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Vitamin D and Opioids both reduce Magnesium, which results in constipation – Sept 2016

Opioid Induced Constipation and Magnesium Vitamin D Survivor Sept 2016

Constipation - Magnesium, Calcium and cofactors – VitaminDWiki is included below

Increased Vitamin D ==> Decreases Mg ==> Constipation

  • Vitamin D and Constipation Easy Immune Health] Actually a lack of Mg due to vitamin D
  • Magnesium and Constipation
  • Magnesium For Constipation? May 2013
    The symptoms of acute magnesium deficiency that you will tend to experience include:
    Constipation; Muscle weakness, tremor, or spasm; Sleepiness, fatigue; Vomiting; Headaches; Insomnia; Irritability
    Poor memory; Rapid heartbeat; Numbness, tingling; Muscle contractions, cramps
  • Natural Constipation Relief Dr. Oz Show, March 2012, Ca and Mg
  • Magnesium Excels Against Constipation PeoplesPharmacy, March 2013
  • The Pain of Constipation New York Times June 2013
    Nice overview of the increasing problems in 10 year olds. No mention of deficiency of Vitamin D nor Magnesium
    Constipation was the most common specific diagnosis, the cause of the pain in more than a quarter of the children age 1-18

Admin of VitaminDWiki agrees

I had the worst constipation of my life after taking lots of vitamin D before I started adding Magnesium to the cofactors which I had been taking

Clippings from the internet July 2010: Constipation, Magnesium, and Cofactors

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Members of my family noticed this as well.

  • My 103 year old father-in-law had lots of constipation after increasing vitamin D to 17,000 IU daily - cured by also increaseing his Magnesium intake
  • My 73 year-old wive had constipation when taking hydrocodone untill we increase her Magnesium intake