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Off Topic: 4X increase in Americans taking morphine-type drugs in last decade (consider Vitamin D instead) – Aug 2014

47 million Americans now take morphine-type drug sometime each year Mercola Aug 2014

5,000,000,000 hydrocodone-containing pain pills in 2011
= enough for 8 times per day for three weeks for every man, woman, and child
Comment in forum: As Dr. Mendelsohn used to say they seldom discontinue a dangerous and unproven drug unless they have an equally dangerous and unproven drug to replace it

Drug Overdoses Are the 9th Leading Cause of Death in the US Mercola April 2017

  • ". . . more Americans now use prescription opioids than smoke cigarettes.1 "
  • " . . Americans now use 80 percent of all the opioids sold worldwide."
  • "In Alabama, which has the highest opioid prescription rate in the U.S., 143 prescriptions are written for every 100 people"

Depressed and Anxious Patients Receive More Than Half of All Opioid Prescriptions Mercola July 2017

  • 23 % of pregnant women on Medicaid filled a prescription for an opioid drug.in 2007
  • "As it turns out, the opioid epidemic is taking a greater toll on women in general. In the last decade (2005 through 2014), opioid-related emergency room visits have nearly doubled, but while hospitalization rates among men rose by 55 percent, . . "
  • ". . opioid addiction rose by 493 % between 2010 and 2016. . ."
  • "Opioids Are Potent Immune Suppressors"
  • alternatives discussed: Medical cannabis: Kratom, Low-Dose Naltrexone, Curcumin: Astaxanthin: Boswellia: Bromelain, Cayenne cream. Cetyl myristoleate, Evening primrose, black currant and borage oils, Ginger
    Vitamin D/Sunshine was also discussed

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Questions About the Opioid Crisis

+New York Times Aug 2017 excellent text and graphs