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Some olive oils decrease vitamin D absorption by 25 percent – March 2016

Pinoresinol of olive oil decreases vitamin D intestinal absorption

Food Chemistry doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2016.03.048
Aurélie Goncalvesa, b, c, Marielle Margiera, b, c, Camille Tagliaferrid, Patrice Lebecqued, Stéphane Georgée, Yohann Wittrantd, Véronique Coxamd, Marie-Josèphe Amiota, b, c, Emmanuelle Reboula, b, c, Emmanuelle.Reboul at univ-amu.fr

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There had been many indications that some Vitamin D supplements using olive oil were not as as good as supplements. This may be the reason why – some have more Pinoresinol. Not all olive oil is the same. Until we find out otherwise, I would suggest not supplementing with Vitamin D which is in olive oil, I think that I will also avoid having vitamin D supplements with olive oil salads

•We examined the effect of olive oil polyphenols on vitamin D absorption.
•Olive oil polyphenols could inhibit vitamin D absorption in rats.
•Pinoresinol inhibited vitamin D uptake in Caco-2 cells.

Enriching oils, such as olive oil, could be one solution to tackle the worldwide epidemic of vitamin D deficiency and to better fit with omega 3 (DHA) recommendations. However, data regarding the interactions occurring at the intestinal level between vitamin D and phenols from olive oil are scarce. We first determined the effect of polyphenols from a virgin olive oil, and a virgin olive oil enriched with DHA, on vitamin D absorption in rats. We then investigated the effects of 3 main olive oil phenols (oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol and pinoresinol) on vitamin D uptake by Caco-2 cells. The presence of polyphenols in the olive oil supplemented with DHA, inhibited vitamin D postprandial response in rats (-25%, p<0.05). Similar results were obtained with a mix of the 3 polyphenols delivered to Caco-2 cells. However, this inhibitory effect was due to the presence of pinoresinol only. As the pinoresinol content can highly vary between olive oils, the present results should be taken into account to formulate an appropriate oil product enriched in vitamin D.

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