Toggle Health Problems and D

Prediction: Vitamin D levels will continue dropping for decades

Increased Air conditioning
Increased purchase and use of air conditioning - 2 charts
Far more hot days and air conditioning (and thus less vitamin D) later this century – June 2014

Global warming
Global warming ==> buy more air conditioner and leave them on longer
July was the hottest month ever in recorded history FastCompany August 2019
   "In Greenland, an estimated two billion tons of ice melted on a single day."
" number of days that feel hotter than 100 degrees will double by the middle of the century in the U.S"

Indoors more
health problems,
not feel safe in the city,
fewer parks to go to in the city
Increased pollution ==> less UV gets to the ground
Increased pollution ==> decrease desire to get out
Increase pollen

Many women want whiter skins

Too stressed to take time out to relax outdoors

More elderly
Get outdoors less than when younger
Generate less Vitamin D from the sun which they do get out
Want to avoid skin cancer

More obesity
Less likely to go outdoors, also reduces D getting to the blood

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