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Vitamin D Webinar - Plotnikoff - Feb 29 2016

WEBINAR: Clinical Controversies in Vitamin D Testing and Treatment

Dr. Gregory Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP
Minnesota Personalized Medicine, Minnesota Natural Medicine

Clinical Controversies Recently, both national and international authorities have promulgated conflicting statements on vitamin D testing and treatment. What are clinicians and patients to do?

This webinar will address the existing data so that participants can answer these five key clinical questions:

  • Who might be at risk for low vitamin D?
  • Can we assess for vitamin D deficiency by physical exam?
  • Is a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin sufficient?
  • What are the best means to assure sufficient vitamin D levels?
  • What research questions still need to be answered?
  • Sufficient time will be available for a live question and answer period for all real-time participants.

Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP, is a board-certified internist and pediatrician in active clinical practice who has received numerous national and international awards for research and education. He is the lead author of one book, 23 textbook chapters and more than 50 articles in the peer-reviewed medical literature. His 2003 article on vitamin D deficiency and chronic, non-specific musculoskeletal pain is one of the most highly-cited articles in the history of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings. He is a graduate of Carleton College, Harvard University Divinity School and the University of Minnesota Medical School.

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Update - new webinar Vitamin D Webinar - Plotnikoff - Feb 29 2016

The Shocking Truth About Vitamin D Status

Some notes of excellent 90 minute Vitamin D webinar for doctors with CME credit
Webinar by Dr. Greg Plotnikoff, Vitamin D Webinars by DiaSorin 2013-2014

  • Vitamin D is a Nature Deficient Disorder
  • Safe sunning, no burning
  • Rickets making a comeback – Plotnikoff asked viewer to guess which year
  • IoM in 2010 lowered 30ng ==> 20 ng, but tripled recommend amount for elderly
  • Cutting edge research in Vitamin D Binding Protein
  • At least 1,000 KEY genes controlled by Vitamin D
  • 5 current controversies
  1. Who has the normal level of vitamin D: office workers, lifeguards, farmers
  2. What is sufficiency. So far they just use the index diseases: generally short incidence (ignore lot latency diseases)
  3. JAMA: 1940 2 paragraphs in a paper noticed that there was 400 IU of vitamin D in cod liver oil
    That became the standard for the next 70 years
  4. 15 minutes in the sun – latitude issues, clouds, haze (Hong Kong down 20%)
  5. Skin Color
  • His study: >40 ng would have save $2.5 million by increase presentment in just one workplace
    The study included Health professionals, insured, etc yet still very low levels of vitamin D
  • BMI is increasing – which lowers vitamin D levels
  • Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, but body clears it – homeostatic protection mechanisms
    60 ng should be not harmful – we have had 10,000 generations out in the sun
  • Calcium absorption increases by 65% when vitamin D level raised 20 ng==> 30 ng
  • WHO has stated that only need 500 mg Calcium for vitamin D replete women
  • Denominator dispute with IoM about how many cadavers need 20 ng vs 30 ng of vitamin D
    Even the author of cadaver paper disagreed with IoM, felt than 30 ng was needed
  • $40 million diabetes trial – Plotnikoff thinks it will be a good trial
  • Tanning booth were originally Vitamin D booths (statement by VitaminDWiki, not Plotnikoff)
  • Why not be sure your are sufficient if you are having any medical emergency/concern
  • Chronic non-specific pain reduced with vitamin D– his publication – the biggest in MAYO ever?
  • Hypothesis: Statin blocks cholesterol needed to make Vitamin D
  • He has authored a book: Trust your gut
    Trust Your Gut: Get Lasting Healing from IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Problems Without Drugs
    April 2013, very little about Vitamin D
  • No one dose fits all: 600 a day vs 6,000 a day
  • Need a test. By example, cannot tell Cholesterol or other levels by just looking at at a patient
  • RA also varies with latitude
  • Not get vitamin D from food: Are you going to eat 60 eggs a day – I don’t think so
  • Good dose of vitamin D for entire pregnancy would cost less than $5
  • Vitamin D2 had been used to escape from concerns about D3 toxicity (is this true?)
  • His own FAMILY requires more vitamin D: ethnicity and genes
  • 1/3 of herbal medicines from East Asian used to have sun-exposed mushrooms
    Herbal medicines used to have has lot of vitamin D
    however now the herbal medicines are prepared in ovens
  • Upstream levels of vitamin D can be normal – but local regulation is unknown clinically
    So just testing will not ensure that all cells get access to vitamin D
  • Mental Health and vitamin D – looks promising
  • Perhaps Vitamin D also important in Gluten-free – similar to gut problems
  • Vitamin D level of farmers and lifeguards is much higher than IoM level


See also VitaminDWiki

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